10 models for the balcony or terrace

Carpets are no longer just for interiors. From now on, carpets breathe and invite to our terraces and balconies, under the gazebo, pergolas, or simply to decorate the living room or garden and delimit the space.

Which outdoor carpet to choose for the terrace?

To organize a terrace, a large number of outdoor carpet exist. It is up to you to choose your favorite model according to color, patterns, and above all, materials. It is really important to decide on durable outdoor mats in all seasons, rain, sun, but also snow! To select ideal outdoor carpet, think first of all about the exposure of your terrace, the weather conditions (if you are in a windy area or, on the contrary, sunny), but also above all about your wishes and budget! All outdoor carpet they are not offered at the same price! The outdoor rugs prices they go from 14.95 euros for small models, 300 euros each for larger sizes.

Outdoor rain-resistant carpet: which model and material to choose?

Wondering what kind of carpet to put outside? It’s simple: since it’s an object that lives outside, it must be made inside material adapted to better weather resistant, like rain and snow. For rain-resistant outdoor carpet, better to decide for pvc outdoor matin polyamide or even in vinyl, of synthetic materials which are generally very robust and dampproof as well as UV rays!

Small outdoor carpet for the balcony: our favorite models

You have small balcony ? Don’t panic, you will be able to find it outdoor carpet, provided it is in mini format! Several brands, such as Houses of the world or Leroy Merlin, offer small outdoor rugs for the balcony, in dimensions 80×150 or 120×180. Perfect for setting up a small balcony while delimiting the space!


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