4 extraordinary ideas how to decorate your home with signs and be in the front lines

Decorating your home can be a very simple task if you are clear about the style you want, that’s why today we have compiled for you these 3 amazing ideas for decorating your home with panels that will bring you closer to what you want. search. Signaling? yes, the caption, you read that right. You would think that this type of product is only for shops or any establishments, you would think that this type of product is only used for advertising purposes, but we have news for you, you will be surprised how beautiful it will look in your home with a little creativity .

Now, what kind of lettering can we use to decorate the house? Of course, we couldn’t use a big banner or a gigantic sign, but we could use other products that fit your home and your taste. Here are some ideas that you will love

1. Embossed letters:

This type of product offers you great versatility, since you can choose between different materials (PVC, plexiglass, steel, dibond, polystyrene, aluminum, steel), the typography or design you want and how you will arrange it. You can hang it on the bedroom wall, add a small decoration on the table in the living room, like a lamp if you choose a light with a light, and even make much larger letters to match your furniture, always keeping the space in mind. Don’t worry about the colors, you can choose the material that suits you best or the color you want to choose to make everything look amazing.

2. Vinyls

Vinyl is a pressure-sensitive adhesive material consisting of vinyl polymer and methacrylate polymer. Vinyl can be used in several ways: to cover a wall, counter, back surface, floor, and even for more complex decorations. It is an ideal option if you want to add textures and colors to your spaces without having to paint the walls or change the entire floor, for example also to give life to your old furniture or a more sophisticated touch to the kitchen. You can choose cut vinyl with specific patterns or vinyl by the meter to cover anything you want. There are also different finishes for this material: acid vinyl, wall photo vinyl, photo canvas vinyl, among others, depending on what you want, you can choose any of these options. In terms of interior design, cut vinyl is often used in children’s rooms as well as in other rooms in the house.

3. Panels

Among so many products, signs are the least we would think to put in our house, but wait! we will try them because we can surely enjoy them. When we talk about home renovation, the most important thing is creativity and not ruling out any opportunity, because it can be beautiful, and we wouldn’t know if we didn’t try. A fantastic option could be a wooden sign with your own design that adds a vintage and slightly rustic feel to the place. A light box that you can also use as a lamp on the bedside table or in the living room

4. ice neon

If you want to be at the forefront of what is most used today, of course you have to have led neon in your home. The first neon signs were invented in 1902 by George Claude, but they only became very popular in the mid-1960s, decorating city streets with their lights, these neon lamps were made of glass tubes into which gas was introduced. other rarefied gases which, by means of electricity, give off a brilliant light which makes it brilliant. Currently, these types of lights are still being produced, but the ones that are really trending are flexible LED neon lights, which look very similar, are easier to manufacture, use less energy, are more durable and cheaper. , moreover, gives you the freedom to create your own personalized neon sign with your expression, logo or design of your choice and a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.

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These neon lights are made on a clear Plexiglas® substrate that is cut with a router, and then an LED light strip is assembled onto it. These moldings are made of colored PVC-comacel, which, together with the lights inside, gives a neon effect. Today led neon lights are widely used in many places and for different occasions: restaurants, weddings, events, concerts, facades, home decoration, gyms and many other places… Why not have your own personalized neon sign with your favorite phrase or design you are always loved? Hang it in the living room, in the office, in the bedroom, it will look great!

But first… 5 tips to keep in mind before you start decorating

In addition to these ideas for decorating the home with panels, we

let’s start with 5 super important tips that you should consider before starting this whole process.

  1. Budget : It is important to define your budget from the very beginning, so that you have an idea of ​​what you can and cannot do, be better organized and avoid “surprises” at the last minute.
  2. How soon do I want it? : Do you want to do it all in one week? Or maybe you are not in a hurry and can extend the process up to three months? Without a doubt, this is the first thing you should think about in order to know what coins you can get and how you will do it.
  3. Define the style : you can make a sketch of how you want everything to look, define colors, styles, shapes and this will help you a lot with the previous two points.
  4. What do I need? : Every project is a world. That’s why the first thing you should do is think about the purpose of the space you’re going to design and plan it with that in mind.
  5. How long do I want this ornament to last? : Who says that the best decoration is the one that can last the longest without aging, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you decide to redecorate from time to time, perhaps because you love the process of decorating or because you follow trends by heart, decorating style decisions can be riskier.

Knowing all this, you are surely ready to take a pen and paper and write down all your ideas to start decorating your home and make it look like new, but above all the way you like it.

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