5 mistakes to avoid when installing plumbing

You can do the most plumbing repairs home and even update the plumbing with just a few special tools and a little elbow grease. But you need to know the differences between the many types of pipes, fittings, adhesives and soldering, as this is an area where DIYers often go wrong. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when installing plumbing.

Do not shut off the water before starting the plumbing installation

Many do-it-yourselfers think they can leave the water on and quickly replace the valve with a new one. In the event that you cannot connect a new valve or faucet, you will soon find yourself facing a flood. Why risk damaging your home when it only takes a few minutes to turn off the main water supply valve?

Excessive tightening of water connections

Over-tightening toilet pipes, fittings and screws is a common mistake. If you overtighten the pipe or fitting, you risk breaking it. The crack may not happen immediately, but excessive force can break the fitting weeks later, causing flooding. An even more common mistake is over-tightening the plastic connectors on the supply lines of the toilet bowl and faucet. If you squeeze them too hard, they will eventually break and leak. In addition, over-tightening the toilet bowl screws on the floor or between the bowl and tank can crack the porcelain and damage the toilet.

Wind the ribbon the wrong way

Thread tape, known as Teflon tape, must be wrapped around the threads in a clockwise direction to work properly. If it is rolled up the wrong way, it will be useless.

I forgot to put siphons on the drains

You probably know that some of your plumbing pipes under your sink or sink are U-shaped. These are called siphons, and sometimes do-it-yourselfers make the mistake of not installing one. Many homeowners assume that the trap is there to make it easier to retrieve items that have accidentally fallen into the drain. However, the trap is actually there to keep sewer gas odors out of your home, so you definitely don’t want to give it up.

Do not connect water pipes

Do you hear banging coming from your walls? This is probably due to a common plumbing mistake: not securing the water pipes. When the pipes are not connected, they will vibrate and shake as the water passes through them.

Their attachment is very simple: you only need to install a suspension tape or pipe tape. Consider doing it during water installationsbecause if you forget to attach your water lines during the initial pipe installation, you’ll have to cut through the drywall later to reach them.

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