6 professional tips for decorating your home

Would you like to renew your decor, but not sure where to start?

It’s true that change can be exciting and scary at the same time. Fortunately, the world of design includes some simple rules to follow. One of them is to bet on a few key accessories to get a room with a coherent and stylish look.

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To achieve a trendy decoration, follow these 6 tips:

1. Mix cultures with accessories

Would you like to experience a change of environment on a daily basis? Forget souvenir photos and rather bet on items that will remind you of your most beautiful trips.

To achieve this, don’t hesitate to mix rustic accessories with artistic and handmade artwork. They will bring warmth to the room and give it a bit of exoticism, without forcing too much.

2. Integrate the art canvas

Despite the passing of time, art canvases are timeless pieces that will add good taste to your decor. These paintings look especially beautiful when placed above a fireplace, table or large piece of furniture.

3. Create an eclectic atmosphere

Busy, contrasting moods are on trend, which means you can mix textures and styles. But you have to do it logically and sparingly so as not to create visual clutter. An example that works well: the combination of wood and warm metals.

Tip: Include elements that are in the same color family to ensure visual continuity. To do this, select a main shade to which you will add two secondary shades.

4. Consider decorating the entrance

In order to dress it up at first glance, you can paint it or put designer wallpaper, and you can also add a practical small armchair with storage.

An element you must not forget: the mirror! Bet on a round model that will bring a nice minimalist touch. Choose its frame carefully as well: the trends are wood, stainless steel and matte black aluminum.

5. Bet on the right lighting

Light certainly has the power to illuminate a room and give it character. It is ideal to choose several light sources for the same room, for example, a floor lamp, a chandelier and recessed lights.

Thus, it will be possible to have lighting that is sometimes dim, sometimes intense, depending on your needs and the time of day.

6. Integrate a designer rug into the room

A versatile decorative element, the carpet can be placed anywhere! Thanks to its texture and colors, it can bring life and personality to a space or refresh its decor.

This accessory is also perfect for creating boundaries: for example, a multimedia corner in the living room, an office area in the bedroom or a reading area in the family room.

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