A few tips for the ultimate home style

Choosing the right interior light

For a top-quality interior, you absolutely need top-quality lighting. Opt for lamps with an elegant and timeless yet unique design. In this case, a room floor lamp is an excellent choice. This is an interesting decorative element for the living room or dining room. You can also place them in a reading corner in the bedroom or in the work area.

Along with your high-end floor lamp, it is advisable to have a direct light source. These can be designer hangers that fit perfectly into your interior. Chandeliers can also give a touch of prestige to the living room. The most important thing is to find a model of the right size and style that will complement the room and give it a luxurious look.

To create the perfect lighting, you need to find the right balance between “too bright” and “too dark”. To maintain visual comfort, the light must be strong enough to properly illuminate the entire surface of the room. However, it should not dazzle your eyes.

Betting on quality materials

In a prestigious house, we do not put materials that are of poor quality. The goal is to give your interior some nobility that makes you dream. So, don’t think about cheap carpet or tile or even laminate flooring. It is better to invest in solid wood.

What could be more prestigious than marble? With it, you can make or repeat your work plan in the kitchen. So you get a very chic luxury piece. Moreover, the background is no longer reserved for a small wall strip, but for the entire wall as a whole. To create a high-end style, it is necessary to bet on elements that are also high-end. The goal is not to pretend!

When it comes to furniture, solid wood is still your best ally. We can especially recommend ebony, mahogany and walnut. It is possible to decorate them with metallic touches in small doses. Gold can also enhance the luxurious side of the decor while adding sparkle to the display.

Create cocooned spaces outside

Luxury accommodation always has a beautiful exterior that is useful, friendly and pleasant. Therefore, it is advisable to create cocooned spaces in your garden. How about a barbecue area where family and guests can gather around the fire while enjoying the good stuff? Equip your barbecue area with storage shelves to give it a modern look and make it more functional.

Do not forget about the garden furniture, which must be aesthetic, high quality, designer, modern and ultra comfortable. In addition to beautifying your home from the outside, they allow you to create a comfortable living space. If garden furniture is necessary, you can also install a beautiful hanging chair made of woven resin and equipped with a large comfortable cushion.

In order to turn your garden into a real little cocoon, you must not neglect its lighting either. Opt for beautiful outdoor lights that will beautify your home. It will also allow you to enjoy your garden or terrace during summer evenings. On the market you will find top models of lamps, street lamps and reflectors to illuminate your garden with style.

Set up a beautiful pool

A beautiful swimming pool is a symbol of luxury par excellence. The trend is currently towards the infinity pool. But if you don’t have enough space for an in-ground pool, you can turn to the premium wooden above-ground pool. The latter has the advantage of being easy to install. We recommend wood, because it is a noble and elegant material. It can be coordinated with your garden furniture.

Choose the shape you want for your pool: round, square, rectangular or oval. For an above-ground pool, order a custom-made model that will highlight the uniqueness of your home. You can place deckchairs around the pool to beautify the place and sunbathe comfortably. It is also advisable to set up a pool house as elegant as the pool itself.

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