A meeting with Aurélia Wolff, an Ivryan craftswoman specializing in vegetable dyeing

Pink, grey, yellow, blue… all colors are allowed at Aurélia Wolff… as long as the colors are natural. Designer Ivry launched Whole in 2014, a designer brand whose products are dyed with vegetable dyes. Get to know each other.

A large loom, spools of yarn of all colors, sheets and pillows were piled up everywhere. As soon as you enter Aurélia’s studio, the visitor is immersed in the designer’s universe. Born in artistic and colorful textile design in contact with Renata, a fashion designer and furniture designer, Aurélia Wolff, who defines herself as self-taught, launched her own brand of women’s ready-to-wear in 2008, the colorfully named Rosa Tapioca. already! in homage to a member of his family, a seamstress and the avant-garde. This is how she fell in love. “After the first collections, I was looking for new shades and became interested in vegetable dyes. I read books and tried in my corner to experiment and try recipes by heating, cooking, filtering herbs and plant extracts… applying pigments to fabric. I was also able to train with Michel Garcia, an expert in vegetable dyeing”, reveals the creator. A crowdfunding campaign for the purchase of painting equipment follows. The collections are starting to be structured around the world of bedrooms, decorations, children and babies. And it is a complete universe that was presented at Salon et Objet 2014.

This article falls under the title Leisure and tourism, written with the support of Tourisme Val-de-Marne. On the occasion of the European Craft Days, Tourisme Val-de-Marne is organizing a series of visits by professionals. On the program: a tour of Perreux artisans, discovery of the site of the foundry in Fontenay, a guided tour of Château de Grosbois, as well as several woodworking, equestrian drawing and street-art workshops.

“Some plants are more capricious than others to work with, the 32-year-old designer testifies. Depending on the harvest of the leaves, the acidity of the water, the color will not be exactly the same on all pieces, this is also what makes the originality of our products, which are all unique.“. In the basket: madder, gouda, indigo, logwood from Guadeloupe, European rhubarb, cochineal from the Canary Islands or even avocado peel, from which a red pigment is extracted that tints fabrics pink. Additives are also herbal and mineral (citric acid, tannin, iron) and are given in small quantities, unlike metal salts and auxiliaries used in industry. Regarding thread and fabrics, come mainly from local artisans. “What is particularly pleasing is that we offer the pieces we acquire, we highlight the work of the craftsmen so that our client understands where the item comes from and becomes aware of its quality,” Aurelius insists.

Whole now sells for export, in Asia, Northern Europe and the Americas through e-commerce and specialty stores. If the factory is now in Paris, the headquarters remained in Ivry, and the entrepreneur is supported by the CCI, the Chamber of Crafts and the Chamber of Materials Pole of Vitry. At the end of February, she was one of the first creators who benefited from the Impuls’heure scheme, intended to accelerate the development of young shoots during a one-hour meeting with business leaders and experts from the fields of finance, marketing, innovation, etc. sectors present in the territory. And this Monday, March 14, she was one of the winners of the Oscar for innovative craftsmanship in Val-de-Marne, awarded by the Chamber of Crafts.

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