A new craftsman moves into town; : Mirambeau

Christophe Bernier 8/29/2022 (1).JPG

Christopher and Sonia Bernier. MY

The municipality is satisfied that it has a master heating plumber in its municipality. Christophe Bernier comes to strengthen the panel of construction tradesmen in this active town crossed by RD 730, which causes constant movement in this village of 550 inhabitants. Christophe Bernier learned his trade on the job in Royan where his father ran a general plumbing business; then how to roll your bum, Christophe trained in a large company that intervened in plumbing, galvanizing and all kinds of heating. During his trips to the construction sites, Christophe set foot in Haute Saintonge and the trigger happened when he found a house for sale in Tillaud, he made a big turn that changed his life, he married Sonia and became an independent craftsman, Sonia is the first employee of the company. They are very comfortable in this place and want to have enough work to keep them from moving away from their paradise. In addition to general plumbing, the company specializes in solar heat, but also masters innovations in new methods of heating and air conditioning. Christophe and Sonia Bernier are available to customers from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Information 06 49 27 51 17.

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