A plumbing company created thanks to the “Corrèze-Accueil” scheme.

Meyrignac-l’Eglise. Plumbing company thanks to the “Corrèze-Accueil” system. Sébastien L’Huillier, 39, has just started his business as a plumber and heating engineer. Having started working at the age of 14 as an apprentice, he offers analysis, expertise and improvement of plumbing and heating installations, and complete fabrication if necessary.

Some time ago, the Council of the Department of Corrèze proposed the “Corrèze Accueil” scheme to attract new residents to Corrèze and introduce people to the life possibilities of the area.

So the L’Huillier family fell in love with Corrèze and settled in the town of Meyrignac-l’église. She benefited from this system, as well as from the help of local associations, especially Résider pour entrepreneur, which advocates for the establishment of businesses in rural areas by offering logistical support and accommodation.

Contact. Company SLPC, at; email: contact@slpc-correze.fr.

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