More authentic, brutal and timeless, the new rustic style will soon dethrone chic country decor. Find out how to adopt it.

The old faded barns they are more and more often involved in the rehabilitation of ua House for rest breathtaking. How to preserve its undeniable charm and create a space where people feel good? Adopting a new decorative trend, The new rustic !

New Rustic: what is the style of country decoration?

the The new rustic could define as a mixture of chic country decoration and conservation with preservationraw look and authenticity from a neglected place. Visible beams and framestone walls, ceiling height incredibly, concrete walls trash wall style… Old structure What’s up has been preserved, modernized with one ornament cozy, minimalist, warm and bright.

New Rustic: how to decorate a renovated barn?

To add style and incredible comfort to a freshly renovated barn, a cozy and cocooned style is welcome. Comfortable sofas, comfortable carpets, soft accessories… Everything is there to create a relaxing and comfortable space. Optimally comfortable environment for a holiday home. For a modern and trendy decoration, it is also possible to succumb industrial style which gives the appearance loft in New York to the village building.