Adopt the rule of three to avoid decorating missteps

Harmony is important in decoration. Interior designers and architects swear by a very simple principle: the rule of three. Find out in detail what it consists of and especially how to apply it at home !

How to adopt the rule of three for decorating without making a mistake?

All decorators agree with that the rule of three avoids future mistakes in decoration. It is enough to choose only three options for each stage of decoration. Prefer three colors per room, avoiding all of them too loud. To add decorative items, they must be placed on three levels: floor, ceiling and furniture. This will avoid overcrowding the room and maintain aesthetic harmony. As for their schedule: no more than three items on the table, as well as on the wall. As it is not advisable to use more than three different types of pillows.

What decorating mistake should you avoid in 2022?

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