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The coating exudes a new look, just like the roundabout that now calms traffic at this strategic intersection on the Ploudiry plateau, equidistant from the town of La Martyre and Tréflévénez, marking the only change of course on the Sizun-Landerneau axis. Here, at the suggestion of the family notary, Jean Morizur, until then employed in his father’s garage in Ploudiry, flew on his own wings to the foundations of the old abandoned factory in the fall of 1962. The starting point of the story that lasted through time, after his death in December 2019.

Father’s will

Sixty years later, his son Yvan, with the support of his wife Séverine, continues the family tradition. At the head of a team of six employees and two interns, the former employee of the food industry gave new momentum to the plant, which he took over at the insistence of his father in 1998. “He founded his own small company. Then we moved from the garage of all brands to the Renault agency”. Completed, at the same time, plumbing or electrical work, to refocus on the heart of the trade, mechanics, either general or agricultural, in a largely rural setting. “My husband wanted his son to continue,” confirms Marie, the mother, now retired in Tréflévénez and who closely followed this small-scale but long-lasting odyssey.

Marie and Jean Morizur on the terrace of the Le Keff bar, which they kept together in a garage for almost half a century. (Photo of the Morizur family)

For a long time there was only one road to cross as the main skyline in Le Keff. Because with the garage, the Morizur family also fell in love with the cafe across the street that they were supposed to run. Everyday devotion to a place that was as much work as home. Especially since there was also a jogging station opposite. “When the secretary was not there, I went to work at the station. Pairs of shoes, I bought them in pairs,” smiles today Marie, who never ran away from a task until the sale of the cafe in 2008, which has since become a restaurant. The fuel pump, which survived the change of corroded tanks, still stands in the center of the garage, in a new dress of the most beautiful effect.

traces of history

“Service, it lives up to its name”, smiles today’s boss. Above all, it contributes to maintaining the connection between a loyal clientele and a garage that has managed to diversify its activities mainly towards individuals. “Today, agricultural activity is booming. We sell some equipment, we also do some motor cultivators, lawn mowers…”. As a return to the roots for the garage, which at its beginning worked in a forge for the peasant world. The anvil brought from Ploudiry, where it all began, dates back to 1953 and is kept as a relic in the Keffa garage as a reminder.


Doors open on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th September at the Keff roundabout, in La Martyre.

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