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Organize the space for a more affordable kitchen

In the kitchen, it is primarily about improving the organization and functionality of the space by using common sense: the most common dishes must be the easiest to access, the heaviest ones must be placed at the bottom. No storage should require climbing on a chair.

Equip yourself with new storage units that open easily with a simple push. Replace the gas stove with an electric induction model. You should also take into account the thoughtful placement of sockets and lighting, which must be designed to avoid shadows on the work surface.

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Bathroom redesign to improve safety

Bathrooms that have not been renovated for a long time become dangerous: this is where most falls occur. Replacing the bathtub with a shower cubicle greatly reduces the risks. Removable handles and seat add comfort and safety to showering. To prevent slipping, install anti-slip tiles.

Also place the hanging toilet bowls at a height that suits you; some models are adjustable. Here, too, a support bar is essential. If you plan to change your sink, prefer a hanging model, without columns or cabinets, which will allow a person in a wheelchair to use the sink.

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Rooms and corridors: facilitate passage and provide light

In other rooms, the risk of falling will be limited by avoiding all obstacles on the ground. Pay attention to carpets and rugs, replace thresholds, avoid small furniture in corridors and by stairs. Install LED lighting with motion sensors in the corridors and around the toilet.

In the bedroom, the area around the bed must be cleared, and the storage units attached to the wall. A bench or high chair is also welcome. If you are changing your bed, remember to choose a model that is tall enough for you to get in and out of bed without any effort. A small night light will also be practical for getting up at night.

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A worthwhile investment

Sometimes it is necessary to reorganize the rooms in the house: the bedroom and the bathroom should, if possible, be on the same level. Even if the costs of the works can be significant, they are ultimately profitable, because they increase the value and attractiveness of your property.

There are also special grants to help low-income households finance adaptation works on their residential buildings. Find out more from the National Agency for Housing (Anah), pension funds and local authorities.

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