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Villa Olonna – Construction of 63 collective apartments

Client: SAS Nexity IR GFI Programs

NOTICE No.: AO-2238-3594

published on

85 – Sables-d’Olonne

construction works

Open call for tenders

Date of publication: 16.09.2022

Answer limit: 21.10.2022

Foreman: SAS Nexity IR GFI Programs, s/c General Foy Investissement, 14 rue de la Petite Sensive, BP 62312, 44323 Nantes Cedex 3

Open call for tenders.

1 – Object of consultation: Villa Olonna: construction of 63 apartments, 85 Les Sables-d’Olonne

2 – Number and consistency of series: The works will be carried out in one phase and are divided into the following lots:
Series, series designation:
04: Construction works
05: Frame
06: Tile cover
06bis: Sealing
07: Exterior carpentry, shutters, service doors, entrance doors
08: Interior carpentry
09: Partitions, coverings, insulation
09bis: Flocking, blown insulation
09ter: Insulation under the screed
10: Electricity, weak currents
11: Controlled mechanical ventilation
12: Water supply, sanitary facilities, gas heating
13: Locksmith
13 bis: Elevators
14: Tiles, earthenware
14bis: Screeds
15: Painting, wall coverings
15bis: Cleaning
16: Elastic floor coverings
17: Restoration
18: Roads, earthworks, sanitation
19: Various networks
20: Green areas, fences
3 – Ways of awarding contracts: Markets allocated to individual shops or a group of “general contractors”. For lot submission, a company may offer one or more lots.
4 – Site performance period:
– Start: 1st quarter 2023
– Delivery: 3rd quarter 2024
5 – DCE withdrawal conditions: The consultation file is available free of charge from September 9, 2022:
– Either through AOS by direct request to the person in charge of the work (by e-mail: to receive an invitation to the project at AOS.
– Either through the Docuwebao website: just have to log in or open your account to access our call for offers.
For all requests for additional information related to reprography, you can contact: Docuworld Atlantic, 10 rue de la Johardière, 44800 Saint-Herblain, Tel. : 02 40 92 00 48, email:
6 – Accompanying documents to be prepared: Requested supporting documents are listed in DCE’s Rules of Consultation (RC).
7 – Miscellaneous information:
– Technical information about DCE: Study leader: Juliette Biget, Tel. : 06 17 68 71 58
– Information related to planning, submission of offers (deadline, monitoring, negotiations) or execution: Operations Manager: Jérémy Marc, Tel. : 07 63 16 49 37
8 – Receiving offers: Candidates can submit their offers by e-mail to the address: stating in the subject: SAS Nexity Programs IR GFI, villa Olonna, 63 collective lgts, lot(s) no.
9 – Period of validity of offers: The validity period of offers is 120 days from the expiration of the delivery period.
10 – Deadline for receiving offers: 21.10.2022.

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