Dahlia Milon, dyer and textile artisan | Videos

In the summer, Dahlia Milon cultivates her large flower garden. In winter, he prepares his vegetable dyes and switches to the pigmentation of different fibers, especially wool. Such is the life of a dyer and textile craftswoman.

Sensitive to the negative impact of the textile industry on the environment, Dahlia decided a few years ago to return to the basics, in harmony with nature. Based in Kamouraska, she not only enjoys her own garden, but also the plants and wild flowers of her adopted region.

Trained at the Center for Contemporary Textiles in Montreal, Dahlia set out on her own path, taking unusual paths, such as planting trees or traveling to Mexico and India. She brought with her a great respect for traditional knowledge from her travels, and in turn she passes on her passion through workshops. She was also a lecturer at the Maison des métiers d’art de Québec.

Watching life in color with Dahlia Milon is not just an expression; it’s true!



Cinematographer-editor-director: Mario Picard

Cinematographer: William Bastille-Denis

Production technician: Pauline Bolduc

Coordinator: Marie-Claude Leclerc


Photos: personal archive of Dahlia Milon. Additional photos: JHA Photography.

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