decorate your interior with the sublime TOLKNING collection!

What better way to freshen up your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom than to improve their appearance with IKEA 2022 autumn novelties? At DeaVita we are big fans of everything IKEA does and follow the latest trends almost obsessively. If you think your home needs a touch of warmth and fashion, then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s see together what the new IKEA 2022 collection has in store for all home decoration lovers!

Autumn novelties IKEA 2022: Tolkning

IKEA catalog autumn 2022

With the TOLKNING series, I wanted to create more environmentally friendly products, made of natural fibers, that can be used in different ways, in different rooms of the house. I was first inspired by my Swedish heritage, then we connected with the knowledge and skills of skilled craftsmen to give life to unique products. says Nike Carlsson, designer of the collection. These items fit perfectly into any interior, regardless of its style. If you’re a fan of hygge decor, then you should definitely scroll down a bit more to check out what’s new.

IKEA 2022 autumn novelties: pouf for the living room

pouf living room ikea

Two in one? We say yes! This large IKEA pouf for the living room with storage will not only play its first role… it will also allow you to store your most precious items! The simple yet trendy exterior makes it a bohemian decoration that will brighten up your interior! Grab it for €79.99.

Night stand

ikea bedside table

This handmade bedside table (€89.99) is the dream of everyone who loves ecological and sustainable decoration. You can place it anywhere you want, especially in a modern living room, and even an industrial living room, in an IKEA bathroom or in a bedroom next to a bed. It’s great for drinking your morning coffee. There is no need to set up a coffee corner when you have this beautiful table!

Handmade stand

handmade stand

Use this rattan stand (€45) to highlight your beautiful plants and get involved in plant decorating!

Bench with IKEA storage

bench with storage ikea

Do you need a few more ideas for decorating the hallway? This bench will not only help you pick up your shoes in the morning when you’re tired… It will also serve as extra storage! Damn, we love this new collection, there are so many possibilities! It is a bit more expensive (€169), but the price-quality ratio is correct!

IKEA storage basket

ikea storage basket

Among the novelties of autumn IKEA 2022 is this decorative and practical storage basket (€34.99) which opens up space for your clothes or shoes.

laundry baskets

ikea laundry basket

This vintage-looking laundry basket (€49) will go perfectly with your modern bathroom furniture!

laundry basket with wheels ikea

Or, if your washing machine is a bit far from where you want to put the basket, then the one with wheels (€79) is perfect for you!

IKEA screen

folding screen ikea 2022

Need more privacy? Are you a roommate at the beginning of the university year? Well, this room divider will not only blend in beautifully with almost any decor under the sun, it will also give you more comfort and a feeling of cocooning.

Basket and hanging basket

new hanging basket from the ikea 2022 autumn collection

Place this hanging jute basket ($9.99) on a hanger or take it out shopping. However you use it, we advise you to use it!

hanging basket new ikea 2022 autumn

Or, you can get hanging baskets and dress up your interior while taking advantage of the open space.

hanging basket ikea

Grab this set of two baskets for €19.99!

IKEA headboard

new IKEA autumn headboard 2022

It is a mistake to leave a completely bare wall behind the bed! With this trendy and eco-friendly headboard (€49.99) you will give the appearance of comfort and 100% embody the hygge spirit! And what’s more, thanks to its superior design that allows us to play interior designer, we can easily decorate it! Moreover, the designer of the new IKEA 2022 autumn collection says that it only gets better with age!

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