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A delicious mix of rustic and classic chic: it’s the new decorating trend! The style of the family house is more and more attractive, with its warm and authentic country spirit. Wood, stones and wrought iron combine to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Focus on a trend that smells like childhood memories with our tips and inspiration in pictures!

Soothing and warm, the family house relies on a special atmosphere where everyone feels good. Even if each house has its own identity, some can be adopted style codes of the family house reproduce this nostalgic atmosphere at home.

Whether you are lucky enough to own a family home “for yourself” or want to reproduce this effect at home, the principle is the same: your house must have addition to the soul. Family history gets mixed up with subjects sometimes classic, sometimes vintage to create an ornament that seems to be passed down from generation to generation. Dare to embrace the style of the family home a mix of genres and take a short walk through your grandmother’s attic, which may be hiding a treasure. If this is not the case, do not panic because the spirit of the family home is now easily found in the collections of decoration and furniture brands. A chic rustic touch here, a well-chosen wallpaper there and voila!

What kind of furniture for the style of a family home?

Play on large amounts: solid wood furniture, sideboards and chests of drawers it will bring a decidedly rustic touch to your interior. On the side of the living room, a large sofa soft and comfortable will welcome young and old. You can also opt for furniture that has a real story: school desk, old armchairs, wrought iron bed, will successfully invoke itself. If you are not lucky enough to have antique furniture, consider patination to give it an aged effect. Flea markets will also be your best allies in finding family home style furniture.

Which materials to choose for a family house?

The terracotta, wood and stone make up the trifecta create a the atmosphere of a family home. Traditional, warm and authentic, these materials will bring “life” to your interior. On the decorative side, we opt for soft materials such as linen, cotton, wool, lace or toile de Jouy for your pillows, bedding, sofa or curtains.

What items to decorate in the style of a family home?

For the perfect atmosphere in the interior, hang a few of them family pictures on the wall that will tell your story. School chairs, trinkets, stone fireplace or wood stove, old clock, forged pegs, checkered tablecloth…. bring back your memories and create a rural and traditional atmosphere! Don’t hesitate to hunt at the flea markets, you’re sure to find a treasure there! And in order to give your interior decoration the final detail, opt for soft lightinggiving preference to wall sconces and opting, for example, for shades made of linen or cotton.

All our visits to family homes are for inspiration

Do you want to add a chic note to the atmosphere of your family home and not fall too far into rustic atmospheres? It’s easy, just good take care of the materials which you will adopt and favor timeless elements not a campaign. Sofa or linen curtains, natural stone for cladding or even decorative items, natural color palette… will offer a more elegant effect to your decor.

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