Decoration: bold ideas to give personality to your home

Does your new home lack vitality? Make this new space a unique place by personalizing it and making it attractive. And that goes through the decoration!

Which style do you like the most? Chic, rustic, eclectic, classic or contemporary… there is no shortage of choices! In any case, the colors used will be decisive in your assessment of the final result. To put the odds on your side, let BEHR guide you step by stepMD – sold exclusively at The Home Depot Canada.

On its website, BEHR offers a range of smart design projects for every room in the house: from an inviting living room to a vibrant entryway to a relaxing teenage bedroom. Thanks to clear and detailed instructions, you won’t miss a hit!

Get inspired by these decorating projects to revamp your (new) home:

Transformed furniture

Decoration: bold ideas to give personality to your home

Painting is not just for walls! Your old furniture could benefit from an extreme transformation and even become the main element of your decor.

BEHR PREMIUM decorative paint for finishing with chalkCM is perfect for this task, as its soft and buttery formula makes it easy to apply and provides great coverage on many surfaces.

For a unique look, finish your project with a BEHR PREMIUM decorative wax finishCM clear, white, dark antique or black for sealing and protecting painted surfaces.

Striking entrance (or garage) door

Decoration: bold ideas to give personality to your home

The entrance or garage door is one of the most noticeable elements of the facade of your property: therefore it is ideal to highlight it. For example, warm brown, deep red or ocher yellow can make it stand out.

Consider existing colors, such as your home’s siding, to determine your color choice. The result must be in accordance with your appearance!

Use BEHR MARQUEE exterior paint and primerMDwhich provides superior fade protection and advanced stain resistance, so you can enjoy the results for years.

Painted objects in the center of attention

Decoration: bold ideas to give personality to your home

Several items in your home can be rearranged to breathe new life into your decor. It can be a screen, a metal centerpiece or a floor lamp stand. Add some sparkle to your yard by changing the colors of planters and other flower pots.

BEHR PREMIUM spray paintCM provides a premium, durable finish that will help revitalize furniture and decorative items inside and outside the home.

There are 36 colors available, including metallic shades such as copper, dark steel and mild iron, so you can mix and match them to get the perfect look to suit your style.

Pieces with personality

Decoration: bold ideas to give personality to your home

Do you want an interior where every room has its own atmosphere? Find the perfect color on the Color Discovery platform! It allows you to identify the colors that will best suit your decorating project or desired atmosphere. Then all you have to do is get your chosen paint pots!

You can rely on BEHR PREMIUM PLUS interior paint and primer for flawless resultsMD: Offers exceptional beauty and durability at a great price.

With BEHR, you’ll quickly be able to customize your new home with vibrant colors that suit you, so don’t be afraid to take risks and be bold!

Meet at for more step-by-step DIY projects and trying out handy tools like Color discovery Where Coverage calculator which will allow you to get inspiration and estimate the amount of paint to buy at The Home Depot Canada. To learn more about BEHR, Watch the TV segment on Salut Bonjour.

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