Discovery: Pastel, seeing life in blue

It is an exclusive place at the gates of Toulouse; the Museum of pastels (based in Labège), entirely dedicated to the color blue. Created and funded by the Terre de Pastel Group, it is the only place to culturally mediate the history and techniques of Pastel Isatis Tinctor L. European Craft Days are the perfect opportunity to discover the manual knowledge of natural and herbal dyeing and hand printing on fabric…

Since 2013, the group The land of pastels and his trademark Blue by nature revived this medieval and regional industry, known throughout Europe.
They also develop it in innovative business model in order to better respond to the ethical and environmental issues of consumers who want more products made in France and more natural.

Emblematic plant of Occitania

Workshops from Blue by nature are the place where they are madeMuseum where
we experiment, where we share, where we learn the beautiful alchemy of blue. Few months ago, The Ministry of Culture recognized this knowledge related to pastel coloring in cockayne land, by recording it as intangible cultural heritage

Know-how: Pastel is part of French cultural heritage

From Monday 28 March to Thursday 3 Aprilthe Museum of pastels opens its doors every afternoon from 2 pm to demonstrate live printing and dyeing techniques. For this occasion, access will be exceptionally provided to visitorsalways amazed to see how the plant reveals its secrets.

See you in Toulouse and Lavaur in April

Entrance to the Museum is free during the European Arts and Crafts Days. Photo by DR

They will also have the opportunity to discover pastel printing Izatis Tinctoria L original designs that are truly exclusive signs of brand recognition Blue by nature. The latter has just been asked to lead a demonstration workshop on the next one large Fair in Toulouse, April 13, and will soon participate in the exhibition Blue thread (April 15 to May 8) to Pays de Plenty Museum from Lavaur.

Since its foundation, it has been involved in the popularization of science pastel for the general public, Blue by Nature – Terre de Pastel group also initiates original collaborations with local artisans. thus finding a way to give a more dynamic dimension to creative projects, co-constructed around this ancestral plant that sometimes suffers from a slightly outdated image.

This time, Blue By Nature – Terre de Pastel Group will cooperate with a photographer and Didier Bonnard, manufacturer of paints and art products made from pastel pigment. Other collaborations have already been made with Toulouse brands to create capsule collections.

Discover events connected with European Craft Days in Occitania:

Philippe MORET

Group The land of pastels is based in Labège and offers a range of innovative products and services related to Pastel Isatis Tinctoria L. on 4 dynamics: Sustainable agriculture with 14 hectares of cultivated fields under commodatia granted by Sicoval, which supplies the production chain. Research and development of pastel leaves, cosmetics and paints. And the brand Blue by nature : responsible cosmetics.

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