DMD Vodovod Grijanje Klima: A young company with 16 years of experience

Davy Minguely is a pure Catalan, born in Perpignan and who has always lived in PO. If he has traveled the world very little, he better devote himself to his passion: plumbing. After 5 years of apprenticeship, CAP plumber and BP in climate engineering -received a medal of honor-, specialized with an additional CAP METI (Individual maintenance of heating equipment) awarded with a diploma of honor:

“I specialized in the maintenance and repair of boilers and air conditioners, of all brands. Currently I work alone, my customers are loyal and recommend my technique and my know-how. Word of mouth is my best advertisement! I plan to train an intern and hire a worker so I don’t have to turn down interventions in the near future. I want DMD to remain a friendly company, with a family atmosphere and time dedicated to its clients. »

Davy accepts payment by credit card, invoice and currency via email; if he works the old-fashioned way, with customer care and a smile, he keeps up with all the new technologies. Based in St Estève, it is an active member of Asso ZESTE and offers its clients from the canton of Riberal a 10% discount with a ZESTE magic checkbook. The radius of his intervention covers the whole plain: from Barcarès to Port Vendres, from Ille sur Têt to St Paul de Fenouillet, he groups together his interventions to reduce the invoicing of travel expenses:

“I was hired by a company that trained me as an apprentice maintenance and repair technician. In my thirties, I wanted to start my own business. DMD is 1 year old and has been working great since the beginning! I love my job, which gives me satisfaction and variety. From the toilet to the boiler, from the air conditioner to the leaking faucet, I’m never bored. I was lucky that my mother sent me to a plumbing course; I can never thank her enough! »

If the installation often does not present a particular problem, the maintenance of water heaters and air conditioners as well as the elimination of malfunctions on them are its specialties. Davy Minguely intervenes on all installations, regardless of their brand. The internship at RGE allowed him to get the title “Recognized in his environment” and to advise his customers to consume and pollute less; installing a thermostat on the boiler saves 30% of energy. Invested in the future of energy, Davy is also involved in training young people from the CFA (Apprenticeship Training Center), supported by CAPEB (Union of craftsmen and small construction companies):

“At the Forum de Métiers, organized by ZEST in St Estève, I met students to explain my experience and encourage them to want to do physical jobs, to develop in a company so that, if they survive, they can finally be on their own. »

Davy, young people, he knows. Tae kwen do teacher at Baho 1this one Day, and very soon 2th, trains children from 6 to 10 years old, respecting the rules related to practicing martial arts. Bonvivan, a lover of astronomy, if he looks at the stars at night, he better fix them on his installations during the day and fix the problems.

DMD Plumbing Heating Air conditioning

Davy Minguely

Phone: 07 88 79 75 81

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