Economy shower head: how does it work?

How does an economical shower head work?

The shower head is essential for the bathroom. Today, the usual model has been dethroned by an economical shower head that significantly reduces water consumption. Keep in mind that for the economy of a handheld shower, it is important to reduce the amount of water that comes out of it during the shower. Here is the working principle of the economical shower head:

  • It is drilled with holes whose size, arrangement and number allow regulation of the amount of water consumed.
  • This type of hand shower works with the Venturi effect. This system consists of introducing air into the shower head as the water passes through. Indeed, the hand shower has several holes that guarantee air supply. Mixing air with water ensures the preservation of the same flow, but with reduced water consumption. Indeed, some of the water has been replaced by air.

Thus, the usual feeling of comfort is maintained with the economical shower head. However, it ensures a 50% reduction in the amount of water used.

Our choice: an anti-limestone shower and an economical shower head

Achieve significant water savings by replacing your old shower head with a more economical model! To do this, we suggest this model that gives you the best showering experience. Due to the small size of this shower head, the water output is reduced and denser. This saves 20% to 50% of the volume of water used. Moreover, He gave me a hand shower it boasts a unique turbo design that makes the water thin and even as it comes out. It is equipped with a button to adjust the water flow, which helps to save water. This model also has an on/off button that instantly shuts off the water.

Made of high-quality ABS material, this anti-scale shower head is resistant to pressure and high temperatures. Especially since this material is environmentally friendly. It is designed to completely filter impurities in the water, making the skin extremely soft. Indeed, this economical hand shower consists of three filters that can block rust, sand and other contaminants.

Shower head with propeller system

Enjoy an incomparable showering experience relying on this hand shower that provides powerful jets! It is equipped with a turbo pressure fan designed to increase the internal air pressure. When in the hand shower, the water mixes with the air and creates a powerful flow that drives this fan. We recommend this NETT brand shower head as its adjustable swivel ball joint with 360° rotation angle solves the problem of low water pressure. Made of quality ABS material, it is light and durable. Its small size makes it easy to hold, even for children.

The presence of microholes on this model makes the beginning of water liquid. This saves up to 20% of the volume of water used. In addition, the flow control button on the handle optimizes the use of this shower head. Its 2 cm universal shower fitting is suitable for all standard shower hoses. Removable and clog-free, this hand shower is easy to remove.

Heavy rain

Your water bill keeps rising? We suggest replacing your old shower head with this model that includes water-saving technology. Uses up to 40% less water than standard hand showers. It offers a water flow of 8 to 9.5 liters per minute when the water pressure is 3 bar. This hand shower has excellent low and high pressure performance. At high pressure, a cascading rain shower appears. Fine and powerful jets of water coming out of the shower head gently and thoroughly clean the skin.

the YEAUPE shower head it has a filtration system with 6 water flow modes. By simply pressing a button, you can choose the type of jet you want. Each spray provides an amazing showering experience. In addition, this hand shower consists of mineral stones intended to soften hard water. They also remove chlorine fluoride, rust and heavy metals from water. Especially since this shower head fits most standard shower hoses with a ½ connection. Its silicone anti-scale nozzles ensure better wear resistance.

Shower head with 3 filtration systems

Want a good massage while you’re in the shower? Like us, let yourself be tempted by this shower head that offers three spray modes. A switch makes it easy to choose between rain mode, nozzle mode and massage mode. Each mode offers different spa-like experiences.

This one Magichome high pressure shower head includes 3 levels of filtration designed to soften hard water. They contribute to the elimination of heavy metals, chlorine, toxins and bacteria present in the water. This model is equipped with a PP cotton filter made of coconut fiber that stops up to 99% of toxic substances. That’s why this shower attachment ensures a smoother and healthier shower. In addition, the turbo technology of this hand shower increases the water pressure. Microholes at the water outlet save water. In addition to being practical, the Magichome button is easy to set up.

Shower head with vitamin C inserts

Remove all impurities on your skin by selecting XL Aecodune shower head ! It is equipped with a natural filter that blocks chlorine and chloramine in the water. 5 levels of filtration of the hand shower filters up to 99% of harmful products contained in the water. We chose this model because it has vitamin C blocks with natural fragrances. They stimulate the production of collagen and soften the skin and hair. All the more so because these blocks with the scent of lemon, rose petals and jasmine flowers reduce physical and mental fatigue. Note that each shower head contains three aroma blocks. In addition, the presence of tourmaline in the tip optimizes absorption and reduces airborne pollutants. In addition, this hand shower saves almost 40% of water consumption for showering.

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