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According to documents consulted by Radio-Canada, the work was carried out between October 18, 2018 and January 31, 2019 at the building on Avenue De Bougainville, in the Montcalm sector, in Quebec City. Radio-Canada was able to confirm that Mr. Duhaime no longer owns the building, which he has since sold.

The invoice provided to Mr. Duhaime by Plomberie-Pro Québec was approximately $5,600 and was due on February 28, 2019.

Faced with Éric Duhaime’s refusal to pay the amount owed, the vice-president of Plomberie-Pro Québec, Martin Garon, sent him an official warning a year later, in March 2020.

The action took place in a building in the Montcalm district.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The contractor then clearly warns the chief curator that refusal to pay will lead to legal action.

If you do not comply with this, we will take the necessary legal action against you to recover what you owe us, without further notice.he says.

In the small claims court

The case was apparently not resolved in the fall of 2020, as the company turned to the Small Claims Division of the Quebec Court to obtain compensation.

In a document dated October 20, 2020, Martin Garon is seeking nearly $8,000 from Éric Duhaime, the total amount related to labor and interest accrued over the period. He claims he didn’t get it no partial payment in the file.

According to the prosecutor, Éric Duhaime refused to pay his bills because water damage happened in the apartment.

However, the contractor waives all responsibility by stating that its employees he didn’t finish.

Close up of a street sign mounted on a metal pole.

The house where the works were carried out is located on Avenue De Bougainville, in Montcalm.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Friendly deal

Radio-Canada was able to get an explanation from Mr. Garon on Tuesday morning.

It confirms that the agreement between the parties was reached some time after the registration of the case before the Court.

You know, in my line of work, it’s not always easy to get paid. There are good, less good and bad contractsexplains Martin Garon. I can tell you that I am satisfied with the agreement with Mr. Duhaime.

The contractor also states that he has accepted a new contract in a building belonging to Éric Duhaime about a year ago. Everything went according to plan.

When asked why the proceedings were not officially terminated at the Small Claims Department, Martin Garon claims that he simply forgot to inform the Court.

You know I don’t do these things every dayhe states.

Duhaime explains

Aware of Radio-Canada’s revelations, Éric Duhaime decided to react through his press officer, Cédric Lapointe.

Mr. Duhaime hired this contractor 4 years ago. The job is done. Some of the works were correct, others were disputedexplains.

The contractor claimed his legal rights and one of the company’s officers reached an amicable settlement with Mr. Duhaime. The same contractor subsequently carried out other work on Mr. Duhaime’s property.

The Parti Québécois (PQ) leader was flustered Tuesday when reporters asked him to comment on the Small Claims Court lawsuit against Éric Duhaime.

I won’t comment on the Hydro bills, the rents and the Éric Duhaime plumbing lawsuits. I’m here to talk about Quebec’s financial futurelaunched Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, brandishing the financial framework his party had just presented.

Each of us has our own styles and our own priorities, if Mr. Duhaime campaigns on his invoices, that belongs to him, it’s up to him to comment, added Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon, who prided himself on a positive campaign for 17 days, avoiding personalizing the debate and directly attacking his opponents.

For his part, the spokesperson of Québec solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois condemns the behavior of the conservative leader.

When I saw this news in the media this afternoon, I thought: “Coudoncwill it stop at some point?”He said.

It’s not strong. To run for premier of Quebec, then let there be all these revelations. I find it very commonhe continued.

The story repeats itself


Radio-Canada has reviewed documents that reveal the former radio host owes nearly $14,000 to the city of Quebec.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe Kirouac

In recent days, the Conservative leader has had to defend himself after narrowly avoiding the seizure of two of his buildings in Quebec for unpaid municipal taxes.

According to a summary of decision-making adopted by Quebec City’s executive board earlier this month, the former radio host has racked up about $14,000 in unpaid bills.

Mr. Duhaime claims to have rectified the situation.

He also admitted yesterday that he had paid the school feeslate.

The Center de services scolaire de la Capitale obtained a judgment against the politician on June 8, 2021.

It was only after being visited by a bailiff that Mr. Duhaime was forced to pay a total of $2,519.45 to end the steps taken against him.

With information from Yannick Bergeron

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