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Originally from Hauts-de-France, Catherine Esther settled in Erquy a few years ago. After training in hotel management and working in several professions, she, who is on the move, now enjoys color, experimenting with eco-friendly wool dyeing with her company Laine de mout.

Why fear?

Basically, I’m a big knitter, it’s always been my true passion. I was looking for colors that would give √©lan to my creations. That’s how I discovered coloring and it became my real second passion.

How many colors do you offer?

I make my magic potions according to my recipes, in my pots. I really enjoy it. To date, I have designed more than 150 colors, which I give the names of missica or misteris (Miss Claudine, Mister Oscuro…).

One thing leads to another, have you caught the game?

Yes, we can say, I’m really having fun. I am starting to get to know my products well and master the doses. There are certain colors that require up to fifteen mixes. Sometimes I have failures, which I call failure “ED”: these are my ultimate streaks, the ones that cannot be repeated. Sometimes they are pleasant, they are special and unique at the same time.

Does it also require patience?

I put all the wool in balls. It takes me a day and a half to prepare for drying, plus labeling. You need about three poles to make a sweater. I do 6, 12 or 24 strands. I mostly work with wool from European sheep in several sizes (for needles from 2.5 to 3.75 mm). In the summer I also work with fiber produced from wood pulp.

Let me note

Every Monday evening in the summer, Catherine is present at the agricultural market, boulevard de la Mer in Erquy. Contact:;

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