Exhibition: Materials goes blue

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The Auscitain showroom welcomes artist Florence Barbéris for “Blue”: indigo from Vietnam joins the pastel of Lectoure.

The Matières exhibition space has been transformed into shades of blue, in all its forms and shades. The new exhibition “Bleu”, which will be open until October 29, welcomes the artist Florence Barbéris. Graphics, drawings, photographs, the artist from Gard indulges in his encounters and travels in order to tell their story.

In 2019, Florence Barbéris spent a month in Vietnam to work directly with indigo flowers. “When I go to a residency, I like to adapt to customs and meet the people who work with the materials I use, says the artist this Saturday, at the ceremonial opening of the exhibition. I also dabbled a bit in textile dyeing. I dipped folded sheets of craft paper in indigo.” These large sheets, different and colorful, are hung in the basement of Matières.Upstairs, the artist also presents etchings on non-woven fabric dyed with Vietnamese indigo as well as weavings.

But for this exhibition, opened with a lecture by Jean-Marie Neels on Lectoure’s blue, the guest artist is accompanied by seven artisans who bring life to Auscitain. “We wanted to have a palette of shades of blue, says Marine André, painter and decorator. Therefore, each according to his specialty, we made creations with Lectoure pastel. It is a very rare pigment, which is used little, but we wanted to wink at the local”. Molded plaster, mosaics or even glass creations, always blue, form a link with Florence Barbéris’s indigo for the exhibition between Gers and Vietnam.

Information: www.matieres-auch.fr.

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