Expert advice for successful home decoration

By choosing the right light points and colors for your rooms, knowing a few simple layout rules, spreading good smells and observing nature, you can improve your own well-being and the well-being of your family. Proof with 5 professionals and their concrete help.

The importance of choosing the right colors

Child journalist then decorator, Sophie Mouton-Brisse now he is dedicated to colors: “I teach professionals about colors.” 2021 marks the release of his book “La Déco des emotions”. “My first piece of advice is yesforget the trends. You have to rediscover the child’s view of colors and not be afraid of them. She only brings good things.” For well-being, “the whole blue family calms the beating of our hearts. Use shades of dark blue, light blue and light blue, such as turquoise which possesses energetic positivity. We think that the color is equal to the picture, but let’s not forget the accessories: plaid, wallpaper, a panorama with a view of the ocean…”

Sophie Mouton-Brisse, author of The Decoration of Emotions

Greens are relaxing: “They gather the most shades for our eyes accustomed to nature, but I would like to make a special mention emerald green which allows us to be in compliance.” Finally, for a good sleep: “The less light there is in a certain color, the more it will reduce energy and prepare us for sleep.” Family of purple is great! But also dark blue or earthy brown which provide us with an anchor. And if the idea is a a large colored wall scares, opt for a circle at the head of the bed or in the living room, perfect for starting.”

Capital charm of light

Knud Erik Hansen is at the helm Carl Hansen and Son, a Danish furniture manufacturer. In the Nordic countries where the sun sets early,lighting is an art that should be handled according to the rules. “Sunlight is the source of life that fills us with energy and brings us comfort. These beneficial effects can be reproduced with artificial light. However, it is important that choose warm lighting without glare, because it has a de-stressing effect and allows relaxation of the eyes and mind. For create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, I recommend placing light sources in different places and at different heights in the room, creating small islands of brightness, for example, at the dining table or around the sofa. It forms cocoons, because in your home you don’t want the light to flood the entire space like in a supermarket or a gym.”

Knud Erik Hansen at the head of the Danish brand Carl Hansen & Søn

Then analyze the room you want to light: “Workplaces like the office or the kitchen have other lighting needs than the bed or the living room. Where you work, you generally crave more clarity than where you sit and relax. The bedroom especially combines situations. Soft lighting is essential here. There should also be focused light so that you can read a book without disturbing your partner too much. And at the same time, many of us put the wardrobe in the bedroom, which requires open lighting, so that choosing clothes does not become a daily headache.” Bright ideas for enlightened residents.

The virtue of a schedule that respects well-being

Month Laetitia Renevierknown for her blog Billie Blanket, she is a stylist, second, Caroline Watelet, is a decorator, an expert in feng shui. Together they wrote “Toit et moi. From home decoration to inner well-being”*, a comprehensive and inspiring book. “The house is an energy body!”, they rejoice. You have to favor the energy that circulates there – the chi – so that your own energy is replenished there every day.” For this, you need to work on the layout of your house so that chi circulates optimally. “Walls generally block chi, while mirrors (which reflect it) energize it. The bathroom will absorb his energy, and dry flowers will weaken him. Rounded shapes will soften the mood, while sharp corners will make it aggressive,” they write.

Billie Blanket and Caroline Watelet, authors of Toit et moi. From home decoration to inner well-being

Ventilate and declutter to energize stagnant chi. In contrast, slow down the shafts where it is too powerful – and tires or irritates the inhabitants – with a round carpet, for example. “A question of balance,” insists Laetitia Renevier. “Think clean your doors and windows that would bring in the light and facilitate the arrival of chi as well as its circulation. free arrange the furniture in such a way that it develops free at home. There must be enough space between each of them.” If the feeling of stress is too present in the interior, this book allows, room by room, to decipher the changes that can be made, so that the external well-being affects your internal comfort.

Effectiveness of fragrance in the interior

Aromatologist and professor at the High Institute of Perfumery in Versailles (ISIPCA), Patty Canac cooperates with homes for the elderly and brands on the creation of perfumes, especially with 100BON, for which he signs an aromacological range. If the five senses can play a role in wellness at home, the sense of smell is often put aside. However, some essential oil fragrances have relaxing properties. “This is the case orange tree sweet or Citrus sinensis, which everyone knows, she says. I recommend it for a good sleep and relaxation. In the same citrus family, Petit Grain bigarade or Citrus aurantium is perfect in case of overload. The lemon verbena, which is also called lemon verbena, or Lippia citriodora, can be used in case of nervous fatigue. Finally, sandalwood or Santalum album favors meditation and relaxation. Less well known, butterfly ginger from Madagascar or Hedychium coronarium alleviates concern.” A few drops on your pillow when you come home from work so that it doesn’t stimulate your sense of smell while you sleep or on a handkerchief to sniff to your heart’s content and you’re done!

Patty Canac, Aromatologist

And in these times of remote work, well-being can also rhyme with concentration and balance: “For this I recommend rosemary or Rosmarinus officinalis cineoliferum to energize the brain and bring clarity. the Citrus lemon or lemon is also a great mental stimulant to give you a boost.” Proof that prosperity has a smell.

The need for calming plants

Soline Portman is landscape painter. In 2019, she launched her workshop and studio for scenography and landscape, Solstice, based in Paris. “Vegetables do not only have a decorative function. Its calming effect is proven: it reduces stress and calms the mind, the landscape tells us. For me, unless there is a specific pathology to be treated – in which case the therapeutic garden and its many rules can help – working the land and observing it will always be beneficial. Never forget that plants are alive and that living beings bring harmony to your interior! Then you have to take care of it. Not in the sense french gardens well decorated with flowers, beautiful to the eye. More observation of their development to define what they need. I believe that apart from practical advice, I want to leave the plant free. I recommend that you monitor your land, if it is for a garden, and respect it during the seasons: what plants grow there? Up to what height? How do they spend the winter? This is the garden of tomorrow.”

Soline Portmann, landscape artist

For Soline Portmann, well-being cannot be self-centered: “It is an exchange with nature.” No weeds! Make a small place for set up a lounger and watch the natural expression of your garden. I believe in observation therapy for reconnection and I believe in time. Take your time and repeat the operation.”

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