family adventure” in “Zone Évasion” this Saturday 17th September on M6 (Episode 2)

“Escape Zone” on the program of your evening this Saturday, September 17, 2022. M6 invites you to discover from 21.10 the second part of its weekly presented by Ophélie Meunier entitled “Build your own camper: a family adventure”.


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The big star of summer 2022 is the camper. An ode to travel and adventure, these homes on wheels have never sold so much. Historically, the camper was the prerogative of retirees and families on a tight budget. Today, the health crisis has pushed new followers, lovers of adventure and discovery onto the roads. The latest trend is the “homemade” motorhome, which allows you to afford a vehicle that suits your needs: a special large family with beds on request, great luxury with a roof on the roof… A do-it-yourself motorhome that requires a little elbow room and a lot of ingenuity. The result: months of polishing, assembling and decorating a custom vehicle.

The magazine followed several families during the construction of the caravan. The Dul family had big dreams. Fabrice and Coralie, craftsmen, bought a school bus to turn it into a house on wheels. They are going to visit France with their three children without a return date. We will also find the Ferri family.

After a tour of the United States in a car they equipped themselves, Marion, a real estate agent, Hervé, an entrepreneur, and Eva, 7 years old, return to France, but for them the adventure is just beginning. This time they will climb into an incredible machine they have built themselves: a camper that looks like a 4×4 with which they will travel the planet.

Erika, head of a communications agency, and her husband Jérémie also continue their journey through Uruguay. Will the vintage camper they’ve restored last the distance on the rough roads of Latin America?

But if the craziest ideas are possible, a few rules must be followed. Because, before driving, the vehicle must receive approval for putting it into circulation, which is issued after passing the irreparable commission. Zone Évasion accompanies all these families through every phase of their construction projects until the realization of their dreams.

Zone Évasion is every Saturday at 21.10 on the M6. The magazine is of course transmitted and then available for replay on 6PLAY.

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