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In order to prolong the holidays and welcome September with cheerfulness, we are transforming our interior! In order to find inspiration, we have designed a selection of decorative trends that will brighten the start of the new school year.

Back to school 2022: what are the decoration trends?

For Back to school, we are renovating its interior! We say stop to the depression of the end of the holidays and adopt a pleasant interior. In order to do this, the editorial office reveals the decorating trends that will make up the month of September. Back to basics for the beginning of the school year, we bet on natural materials. Rattan, cane, wicker or wood are welcome in your interior. As an accompaniment to these materials, adopt warm tones. Complete your decoration with dried flowers to vegetate everything.

How to adopt natural materials in its decoration?

The natural materials are very easily adopted in decoration. the rattan, givesthe beating or again wood are materials that mix with all colors. Namely, natural materials are timeless and adapt to different styles. Czech Republic, country chic, Scandinavian, comfortable, you can integrate them into any interior. In order to bring authenticity to the house, we put wood, wicker, rattan or even wicker.

How to integrate the color of terracotta into its decoration?

The terracotta color easily enters the interior. In finesse with a small touch, through small pillowsor bedding, this color will warm your home. You can also fully adopt it with decorative accessories such as vases or pots for example. For fans, you can even repaint an entire wall terracotta colorin order to breathe a friendly atmosphere into its interior.

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