From plumbing teacher to own business

Marc-Antoine Piette, a native of Montmagny, officially launched his new business last week called Plumbing Repair Montmagny. After a few years teaching plumbers in Gatineau, he decided to return to his roots to build his own business, in line with his values.

In recent years, Mr. Piette lived in Gatineau where he gained experience in the construction industry, in addition to being a plumbing teacher at a vocational education center. Originally from Magnymont, he had the idea to go back to basics to serve the people of Montmagny and the surrounding area.

The idea he had in mind was to stay in touch with people until he retired. After teaching about twenty students, he now wants to dedicate his time to several people, but individually. Mr. Piette wants to bring a very personal touch, which differentiates him from what the bigger companies offer. “I told myself that I will start a small business, which will remain small. I have no ambition to be big. I will be serving a mostly residential clientele and will be able to take the time to connect with these people and explain what I do”.

He claims he has time to devote to responding to any housing request, whether it’s a dishwasher change or something else. Of course, since he works alone, he won’t be able to take on larger construction jobs, but he says he can respond quickly and help neighbors with their needs. “Plumbing, like electricity and many other construction trades, is full of mysteries and I don’t mind if people are interested in explaining that area to them.”

Mr. Piette assures that it meets all industry standards. He passed all of his contractor’s licenses, in addition to becoming a member of the Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec, a prerequisite for entry into the industry.

“My goal was to build a business where I would feel comfortable and where I could create a connection with people,” he says.

“Good Neighbor”

Now that it is officially starting to operate, it wants to build a clientele in the area. The plumber wants to get his name out there so people know they can trust him. “The goal is for me to be part of the landscape and for this type of work to be remembered by people if they need a plumber,” explains the newly minted entrepreneur.

In the long term, his goal is to stay busy and build his schedule with his clientele. “I want to serve my customers well and show some flexibility”. Being his own boss, he enjoys more freedom in what he can do, something he wouldn’t have if he were employed by a larger company and wouldn’t be able to benefit from it as a teacher.

“I want to project an image of competence so that people can trust that the job will be done well in a reasonable amount of time,” he says.

A Facebook page has been set up on behalf of the company to follow Mr. Piette’s journey.

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