GEB deciphers the use of draw pipe in water supply

Mandatory mention, storage, regulations… The use of mold for potable water installations can raise questions among plumbers. It was for this reason that the company GEB, specialized in chemical solutions for waterproofing and plumbing and sanitary maintenance, heating and swimming pools, wanted to take stock.

A specialist in the production and sale of chemical solutions for waterproofing and maintenance of sanitary facilities, heating and swimming pools, GEB offered an expert opinion. More specifically about the use of mold in sanitary water networks.

Questions from GEB’s clients on the matter prompted the company to decipher the current regulations on the subject.

The tractor cannot have the “ACS” mark

The first idea received: in the operation of drinking water networks, it is forbidden to use electricity that does not have a Certificate of Sanitary Correctness (ACS). However, GEB responds that the term “traction ACS” is not applicable. For water installations intended for human consumption, sealing materials for threaded joints may only require compliance with positive lists (CLP).

Issued by Eurofins or Carso, two laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the approval depends on the list of available products, on the website of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

Then, to date, there is no legal text that stipulates that the use of trawl nets is prohibited in sanitary water networks. “, GEB abounds. The company adds: A plumber may prefer to use another sealing technology such as PTFE tape or anaerobic resin to achieve a potable seal. However, this solution must also have a CLP “.

Always ensure proper storage of the kuda

As regards the storage of the sealing assembly, GEB confirms that the user must observe good practices.

This requires proper packaging from the manufacturer, including for example the presence of a plastic reel and a protective film inside that reel.

An expert in solutions for sanitary facilities recommends clear identification of the product, such as a sticker under the protective film.

After the realization of the product, it is possible to track the products on the invoice, which contains the following information: conformity of markings, dates and quantities in relation to the works performed.

Other drinking water certificates in vogue

GEB confirms this: France is not the only one that has imposed its own regulations and certifications for drinking water. This is the case of the United Kingdom and its WRAS certification, which, for example, benefits from Gebatout2 bonding compound and GEB’s RT1 cloth tape.

This accreditation confirms that the combination of these two products does not affect the quality of water and can come into contact with water intended for human consumption, even hot up to 85°C », developed by their manufacturer.

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