Grande-Digue is preparing its 14th community celebration

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Preparations are underway for the Fête au village, which will take place on September 11 in Grande-Digue.

The festivities will take place at Notre Center de Grande-Digue as well as at the nearby Museum of Pioneers.

According to the manager of Notre Center de Grande-Digue, Michel Poirier, this community celebration is organized for two main reasons: “to bring together all the people of the community as much as possible and it also raises funds for us which helps a lot to maintain our center.”

The main activity that will take place will be a joint dinner, which requires a lot of organization and planning. In order to receive as many people as possible and a certain number of people at the same time, the organizers offer three tables at 16, 17, 15 or 18, 30 hours. “We serve 300 to 400 people in total,” says Michel Poirier.

The latter describes this activity as useful for the community. – The world loves it – says the spokesperson of Our Center. According to him, after two years of the pandemic, people are eager to meet at the Center. “They come here and you can see the joy on their faces. That’s why we called it Our Center, because it is for the whole community,” he says.

“With this dinner, people will meet friends they haven’t seen in two years. Especially this year it is important to have it, more than ever”, says Michel Poirier.

From 60 to 80 volunteers will help during this Community Day. “There are people in the kitchen, washing dishes, serving tables and serving at the bar. It takes a lot of people,” admits the manager of Our Center. Last Friday, over 300 tickets were already sold.

Michel Poirier is happy to see that the Pioneer Museum, also known as the Pioneer Village, continues to operate.
The Pioneer Village will have several artisans on site during the afternoon, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. They will show how old crafts were practiced.

The president of the Société historique de Grande-Digue, Arthur Gauvin, announced that some of the eight buildings of the Village despioneers will be open, including the school and the chapel. “There will be masters who will do demonstrations with flax,” he informs. There are a few ladies who will be afraid of natural products.”

Others will make woven baskets, hook rugs. A craftsman will also be on-site at the forge.

“One of the notorious parish priests of Grande-Digue in the 1960s and 1970s was Father (Albert) Brideau. He had a special, insightful character, explains Arthur Gauvin. There is a guy who will embody that in a small chapel. He will give two small presentations.

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