He swore. 71 kg of cannabis in the truck of the two brothers

In the road set, the wooden crate is impossible to open. Jura customs officers, on January 27, have just stopped a heavy truck in the Arlay area. Two Latvian brothers on board, who claim not to know the contents of this box. The customs officers took the two men to their premises in Perrigny.

A fine of 286,000 euros

When the crate is opened, it will reveal 71,530 kg of herbal cannabis. In court, two men confirm this: it contained plumbing items for them.

“Do you know that according to French law you are responsible for what you transport? “He questions the appraiser.

Answer the negative of the two brothers. “When they filled the box, they didn’t come down, they didn’t ask questions. They say that their employer is part of the family, but this one is calling them on the phone under a mask, that is suspicious,” supported Mr. Poujol for the Customs Administration.

Both were found guilty and sentenced to 18 months in prison, fully suspended. They were also sentenced to pay a joint fine in the value of the goods. And the amount was sent: 286,000 euros.

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