Hérault: why was DJ plumbing, the YouTube channel of the most famous plumber in France deleted?

Youtube star plumber, Héraultais David Juanes, has deleted his channel after an incident during a live show. He hopes he can recover his account and explains what happened.

David Juanes became the most famous plumber in France in two years. His channel DJ plumbing has more than 17 million views, and in May, when we met him, he had more than 130,000 subscribers. But this Sunday, October 24, his channel disappeared.

And if his account was deleted, it’s because of a malicious follower. He decided to address his fans via his Instagram account, and was uploaded on Youtube by a partner account, throw the bottle into the sea and explain what happened.

Pornographic image

Indeed, David Juanes regularly organizes lives on his channel. He uses StreamYard, a software that allows him to attract subscribers who participate live. But during the live, the person connects to the live, showing on his split screen, instead of his face, a pornographic image, “very very explicit”, specifies David Juanes.

It took me two seconds to delete it from the picture and the YouTube robot detected it and deleted my channel”, explains a somewhat desperate David Juanes on his Instagram profile.

New channel for explanation

The most famous plumber in France is now hoping for a contact on Youtube, so that he can justify the incident beyond his control.


Finally, this Tuesday, October 26, DJ Plumbing recreated a channel called “DJ Plumbing Back,” where he posted an 8-minute video explaining the situation. He also wonders what the intentions of the internet user who shared this picture on his channel are.

“Youtube didn’t contact me for three days,” explains the plumber, who hopes to restore the channel. “I’m going to get all my videos back in the future,” thanks to the fan who kept them all, David Juanes points out, thanking this subscriber for saving him thousands of hours of work. So if he ever fails to recover his DJ Plomberie channel, his fans can at least continue to follow him on this new account.

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