here are our favorites of Maisons du Monde ornaments to decorate your interior without falling into kitsch

When Christmas is not really in your heart, the idea of ​​an interior dotted with red and green colors, tartan pattern andprint Santa Claus may cause rash. This is why many people do not decorate their interior. However, science says that putting garlands and baubles at home makes you happy. So for yours personal happinesswhy not put a little twist on your rule of putting “no Christmas decorations” in your home?

Christmas 2020: our favorite Maisons du Monde for Scandinavian Christmas decor

Decoration sign Houses of the world represents a Christmas collection 2020 the original, which reinvents the genre, to bring the magic of the holidays into our interior, without falling into ultra-heavy kitsch, decorations with Santa Claus motifs (but if you like that, discover our article about the kitsch Christmas wish balls that will make our tree coolissime). Since then, Houses of the world he bet on the basics of winter decorating that never fail: cocooning and Scandinavian. The brand has added holiday essentials, namely string lights, pendant lights, beautiful tableware… The result prompted us to whip out our credit cards to buy them all. When dried flowers invite you to the New Year’s table with beautiful candlesticks, when the tree is decorated with wooden hangings and when blue and ocher replace red and green, we can only be convinced!


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