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Although upholstered headboards have been at the top of the decorating charts for some time, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their luster. Wood is timeless: it is a classic material that adapts to all decorating styles, offers endless versatility, is easily transformed and is suitable for DIY projects. If you are wondering how to decorate your own bedroom with an interesting headboard, read on. These bedrooms will show you ideas on how to do it your way.

headboard made of recycled wood

A little country chic, a little rustic, a little contemporary. This lovely brightly colored bedroom set features a reclaimed wood headboard: a great way to add a big dose of style to your bedroom while doing a favor for the environment. So everyone is a winner.

Bedroom in the style of a mountain house on the beach

headboard made of wood

A mix of soft colors, a beach vibe, a beautifully shaped headboard: what’s not to love about this modern bedroom? You can add accessories that will go with the vibe such as lights to your taste, original curtains or a nightstand that goes with the headboard.

brightly colored bedroom walls

raw wood headboard

Are you looking for a headboard that can hold its own – without competition – against bold wallpaper in bright colors? So follow our advice and choose a traditional wooden bed in medium to dark brown. The simple design of the headboard is a perfect counterpoint to the bright colors of the walls.

Wooden headboard in the style of a country house

wooden headboard 160

A lovely neutral bedroom gets a touch of rustic flair with a wooden pallet headboard. Featured on many different blogs, this peaceful and charming design is a perfect example of modern rustic style.

Headboard with pallets

driftwood headboard

If you want to bring nature into your home, you can do so with this fantastic twig headboard. Pair it with comfy bedding, an intriguing DIY lamp and a mostly limited white palette and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully soothing bedroom.

mid-century modern headboard

cheap wooden headboard

Blue wood is synonymous with mid-century modern in this classy bedroom. Insert small recessed shelves on the headboard. The geometric rug and quilt add just enough color and pattern without detracting from the overall lightness of the space.

Wooden headboard

homemade wooden headboard

Here’s a great idea for making your own piece, which looks like it’s made from salvaged wood scraps. If you want to make one for your room, prepare yourself for some work and pleasure.

Headboard made of painted wood

wooden head house of the world

The wood can be painted, of course, in the color of your choice. In a traditional vintage-style bedroom, soft green is persistent enough to hold its own without too much attention. It looks nice.

Matte color on the wooden headboard

wooden headboard with storage

Here is a headboard with a traditional model, only the matte black color gives it a contemporary side. Add to that lots of bright colors and patterns throughout and you have a stunning bedroom.

Mid-century modern wooden bed

home interior design bed

Mid-century modern, a dominant decorating style in the 1950s and 1960s and currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, features simple lines, unadorned wood, and legged furniture, as shown in this simple but stunning bedroom.

Classic bedroom

wooden headboard with integrated bedside table

Classic and beautiful. That’s the best way to describe this bedroom. An imposing wooden four-poster bed is softened by a worn chest of drawers next to it, as well as soft trundle beds and an armchair with a wicker back at the foot of the bed. What a nice room!

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