Home and decorating: apply these 2 tips to create a zen and elegant interior!

Zen decoration is ideal for a warm atmosphere and an interior that exudes serenity. Aesthetically and above all comfortable, this Asian concept is becoming more and more common in homes. It is, in a way, beautifying the habitat in the space of the zenith. Clearly, the key words of Zen decoration are softness, simplicity and minimalism. Here are 4 tips you can apply to have an interior worthy of the most beautiful interior design magazine reviews!

Choose soft materials for your living room

This Chinese art of living makes it possible to create a harmonious, refined and balanced interior. The meeting place par excellence, the living room must combine friendliness and warmth! In order for this living room to be pleasing to the eye, the atmosphere is perfect with zen and cocooned accents. Dress up your space with beautiful natural materials such as cotton on the sofa, wool for the armchairs or even raffia for the carpet.

As for the furniture, opt for modern chairs and curved round tables. The decorative rule is to ban corners and give priority to clean lines! The final touch? Embrace the green trend with green plants to add exoticism and elegance.

Play with Asian inspiration for your bathroom

Zen decoration is a true invitation to rejuvenation and relaxation. And the bathroom should be a real haven of peace! Therefore, for aesthetic appeal, focus on decorative items. A nice piece of Asian furniture, a Buddha statue or candles can already brighten up a room. Also install discreet and refined lights or pendants for a warm and serene atmosphere.

Invest in voile curtains (the main fabrics are cotton and linen) to let in natural light. Also, natural materials such as wood and bamboo are ideal for a shelf or coffee table.

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