Home decorating mistake: all mistakes to avoid in interior decorating

Before reading what follows, we must not lose sight of the idea that 1/ error is human 2/ common in decoration. So no mockery or condemnation here, committing a few missteps in terms interior design it is within everyone’s reach. And especially when we lack time to shape the interior properly, both decoratively and functionally, in order to imagine a peaceful everyday life in the home.

Why is the decorating bug available to everyone?

In a world saturated with streams of images that subjugate perfection, let’s relax the guilt for a moment, please… Get in fast, don’t spend time decorating the room, accumulate the inherent clutter of a busy lifestyle, the belief that your budget is a little too tight to properly decorate the room … Reasons leading to decorative misstep there are many battalions of good excuses. And to be honest, all these reasons are acceptable when you know that creating a functional and decorative interior requires time, attention… as well as a few lessons and other basic rules to know and preferably follow.

What are the most common editing mistakes?

Combining too many patterns in the bedroom, not integrating enough light into the living room, piling furniture in a small space, ignoring curtains, poorly defining areas within the same room… list of deco errors the most common are quite long… and depending on the rooms in the house where they are located, quite problematic. Patterns, colors, volumes, lights: all these key elements scattered around the house greatly influence our mood and our ability to move easily from one room to another. A living room that is too dark, a kitchen with poorly chosen colors, a bedroom that has too much to do, and that is everyday life.

To the question “ how to avoid mistakes in home decoration ? “, we would be tempted to answer pretentiously: reading the advice of Marie Claire Maison and more specifically those related to the basic rules in interior design, about the choice of colors for the wall, the focus on the layout of the most important furniture such as the position of the sofa in the living room or the bed in the bedroom. Other ways to save yourself from fatal mistakes: read a few key books on the rules of feng shui interior design with the goal of creating a place where energies will be respected and well-being will be a priority.

Finally, the last recommendation: in order to successfully arrange your home, it’s like knowing yourself, there is no secret: you have to tame your four walls yourself, observe how they develop according to the hours of the day, knowing everyone’s needs when you live as a family … Because a mistake in arrangement is not just too classic a matter of bad taste – because after all, all tastes are in nature and all the better – and it is not. There is nothing more boring than seeing copies of copies of trendy interiors, symbols of good taste… just now, scrolling through social media! Avoid decorating mistakes is an opportunity for a better understanding of one’s inner self and oneself at the same time, for acquiring cheerfulness and incidentally “own taste”.

From the living room to the bedroom, passing through rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom, they are here decorating mistakes to avoid in the home !

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