Home decoration – tips from an interior designer!

We often see magnificent houses in magazines, perfectly decorated, and we wonder if something in our house is out of place. It is true that decorate your house like a professional interior designer or decorator and giving it a magazine look is not that difficult. With a few tricks, you will be able to reach the interior of your dreams easier than you think. Give your home a fresh, new look and a beautiful atmosphere by trying some of these simple and affordable design tricks.

1. Before decorating the house, you must clean and tidy up

decorate your house with bright-colors-black-white-photos

If you look carefully at the houses in the magazines, you will notice one thing in common – they are spotlessly clean. You won’t see a magazine left behind, a remote control, a forgotten empty cup. You won’t notice a speck of dust. The pictures of houses published in these magazines use a design approach that follows the maxim: less (clutter) is often more (beautiful). Take some time and organize your home. Put all the items you don’t use every day in a storage or dresser. You can also sell anything you don’t need. The best way to decorate your house is to start cleaning.

2. Decorate your home by choosing natural shades

decorate your home natural-colors-grey-white-ocher

While for some bedrooms done in dramatic colors are inspiring, experts in the field recommend that every bedroom be painted in natural shades. It gives a feeling of space in the house. If you want bright colors to be present in your interior, you can use them as accents for decorate your house tasteful and complement the overall look of the room. The ceiling should be about two tones lighter than the walls in the room. Choosing dark colors to paint the upper part of the room can easily make it feel small and shabby. The effect of space and width is achieved with the help of lighter tones.

3. Choose clean lines for decorative elements


Decorating the house with mirrors and framed pictures with a few decorations gives the room a much grander feel than necessary. Instead, you can emphasize clean lines that contribute to the aesthetic and elegant appearance of the space. If you want the room to look brighter, you can put a mirror on the wall opposite the window. A mirror of the right size will reflect the daylight so that it is evenly distributed in the room. Using this trick, the room will become brighter and brighter.

4. Bet on modern art

decorate your house modern-deco-table-green-plant

Classic works of art give the room a dull museum look, while modern art gives a sense of space. For decorate your house harmoniously and achieve the best results, choose a picture that has a color that matches the color of the wall on which it is hung. It should be a different accent than the background color used in the room. This will allow the canvas to gradually blend in with the wall and prevent it from looking completely out of place. When hanging pictures, make sure they are at eye level. Art pieces, placed too high or too low, disrupt the harmony of the room and make it more disorganized.

5. Decorate your house with taste: add some vintage elements

decorate your modern home-add-chandelier-antique

If you decide to bet on antiques, choose those that are worth showing. Often these objects are covered with a patina that gives any place a sense of warmth and style. The rule is to be careful not to overdo it. Buying antiques can quickly become a collector’s passion, but it will take you away from your goal and make your home look like a junk sale.

6. Plants are a great addition

decorate your house add green plants

Decorating your home by adding some greenery will never go wrong. A few flowers, strategically placed, will significantly improve the decoration of the space and give a feeling of freshness and beauty.

7. Avoid trendy trends

decorate your home with taste-furniture-pastel-colors

In interior design, trends are just that – trends. This means that fads have a temporary effect and will undoubtedly be outdated by the time you renovate the interior. If you don’t have enough resources and time to constantly update your home, use the tried and tested design tips we just covered.

Decorate your house in a vintage style by adding some old items

decorate your home table-coffee-floor-lamp-vintage

Add designer furniture or lighting

decorate your home futuristic furniture-lighting design

Decorate your house in a minimalist style by choosing clean lines

furniture decoration for the living room - minimalist style

Decorate your home in dark blue: a blue carpet with floral motifs, decorative frames and flower bouquets for a pleasant atmosphere

decorations-home-dark blue-decorative-tongue-curtains-design-ceiling-led-reflectors

Multicolored picture or black and white frame to decorate your home?


Decorate your house with abstract paintings and an original chandelier!


Modular coloring and elegant painting to decorate your home with style and elegance!


Decorating your modern home – discover our favorites!


Multicolored abstract painting to decorate your home in a minimalist style

decorate your home with white-living-room-wooden-coffee-table

decorate your house style-vintage-rustic-elements

decorate your home table-walls-furniture-in-vintage-style

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