Houses of the World: new products for autumn 2022

Maisons du monde unveils a range of new products to enhance your decor. Warm colors and natural materials go hand in hand. Without further delay, dive into the heart of our selection.

Maisons du monde: a selection of new products to add vitamins to your interior

Would you like to invite color into your home for the start of the school year? In order to make the interior friendly and dynamic, we focus on vitamin tones. Fall in love with them without hesitation new products from Maisons du monde. The brand offers graphic and colorful cushion covers. To decorate the walls, bet on wall paintings with geometric shapes.

New products from Maisons du monde: natural materials in the spotlight

The famous jewelry brand pays tribute natural materials in these new products. On the program, from woodfrom gives and rattan. Bet on a wall decoration or rattan clock. Houses of the world it goes even further. Indeed, the brand offers a choiceenvironmentally responsible facilities. What do we find there? You can find products made from recycled materials, organic cotton or responsible wood.

New products from Maisons du monde: invite warm tones

For warm and friendly decoration, there is nothing better than warm tones. Brown, orange, terracotta, these colors fit perfectly into your interior. Houses of the world well understood. Indeed, there are many decorative items in warm colors among the novelties. We love the red striped sandstone vase that will dress up your room in style.

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