How public aid encourages the renovation of buildings in the center of the city of La Seyne

A few years ago, the building located at 3 rue Équerre, in the old center, was “unsanitary, the floors and staircases threatened to collapse, and the sleeper housed several people in unworthy conditions.” the City services remind. The building was also placed under unsanitary measures, with a ban on housing.

But that is now a thing of the past: the building was bought by an individual who, thanks to public support granted under Opah, is completing the complete rehabilitation of the property with, as a result, three social housing units.quality.

63% subsidies

“We started the action of removing asbestos from floors 1this one floor and we invited an architect and a concrete worker to prepare the renovation, explains new owner Denis Martinez. We had to renovate the common rooms (roof, staircase, floors), then completely renovate the interior and, of course, bring everything up to standard (electricity, plumbing, etc.).

At the same time, the complete renovation of the facade was carried out. And all this thanks to public assistance, without which Denis Martinez would not be able to finance the operation.

The total bill for the works, which is 391,000 euros, the owner managed to get 63% of subsidies (ie 244,000 euros) provided by the State, Region, Department, Metropolis and City. In the end, three social housing units were created: a one-room apartment on the ground floor (equipped for people with disabilities), a one-room apartment on the 1st floor.this one floor and a two-story T3 with a terrace on the 2nd floore the stage.

“Improve the urban landscape”

If this operation was carried out smoothly, it is far from always so. “It is difficult to motivate landlords to get involved in such operations: many of them do not live in La Seyne and are not concerned about the housing conditions of their tenants. There are also landlords who neither have nor have the means for this type of renovation operation,” notes Elisabeth Gues, elected envoy for urban renewal, inadequate housing and the implementation of Opah.

Because of this, Opah’s partners promote assistance that owners can benefit from. With, as a result, very good results, like this building in rue Équerre, about whose restoration the City is pleased to say: “The renovated building fits perfectly into the heritage context of the old core and contributes to the improvement of the urban landscape of the district”.

On the other hand, warns Elisabeth Gues, “if the owner of the degraded building does not want to carry out the work, it is possible to force him to sell his property through the DUP (communal activity declaration)”.

The chosen one recalls in passing that “From January 2023, owners of homes that will not be insulated will no longer be able to rent them out. Notice for refractory…

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