how to adopt comfortable and cozy style at home?

For this Back to schoolmake room for an interior that rhymes with conservation. A lifestyle that began health crisis and his closures more than once which continues to inspire us strongly. Natural materials, pastel colorsgame of light : find all our trendsetting tips pleasant pleasant without lack of taste.

What is comfortable comfortable style?

Pleasant style comes straight from Britannia. It draws its source from cottagesthese traditional English country houses, refined decoration lock romantic. He stirs film facilitiesbrought from travel and more decorative elements modern. Decide on natural materials, such as raffia, jute, rope and wool. As for colors, succumb to this one tendency necessarily rhymes with soft colors and pastel : powder pink, light brown, white, terracotta, water green and light gray. Specifically, how can you adapt this phenomenon to your home? We tell you everything!

How to create a pleasant and comfortable interior?

If you want to ride this wave, just follow these tips! Always keeping in view welfare and comfort as well as everyone’s wishes. The goal is for your decorating choices to reflect yours personality.

  • For the room : bet on a head of the bed a lots of ultra soft pillows. Relaxation guaranteed!
  • For the living room : to decide on tufted rug in light tones, these carpets with long fringes or wicks. Taking a nap, immersing yourself in a book or watching a movie, nothing better velvet sofa or armchair. For this, create a small space near your library that will be dedicated exclusively to your free time. Here again, don’t hesitate to stock up soft pillows. A place for an even warmer atmosphere candles or some fragrance diffusers on your coffee table.
  • To personalize everythingdecorate your wall with Images and from fairy lights which will plunge you into an enchanted bracket. Finish with disinfection facilities which will refresh your interior and give you a sense of security. You can also let yourself be tempted by beauty dried flowers.

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