How to arrange a room for a newborn?

Expectant parents always prepare a room for their baby with lots of love. But how to create a cocoon in which the baby feels as good as in the mother’s belly? Discover the choice of colors, bedding, furniture in the smallest details how to make a room for a newborn just as soothing for babies as it is for their parents!

Give preference to gentle colors for the children’s room

This is one of the first questions we ask ourselves: what color painting the walls in the children’s room ? Prefer gentle, calmer colors. White of course, but also light gray, light blue, powder pink or even beige. These very neutral colors do not deprive you of a bit of fantasy: you can create a decor around the bed imagining beautiful geometric shapes of colors (while staying in pastel colors). With your brushes!

As for bright colors or patterned wallpaper, they are not excluded, but are reserved for a more playful part of the room, such as a playground or office space.

Choosing the right cot for good nights

In the children’s room, the bed is obviously central. Very trendy for bohemian bedrooms, the cradle offers a very retro decor, but only accommodates babies for a few months. the manger meanwhile, it is more durable, especially if you choose a model that develops and can be transformed into a beautiful bench.

We choose it with elegant compass feet and adorable retro lines.

Bet on a few lights with soft tones

Which light to choose for the children’s room ? To care for the baby’s eyes, care is taken to create a soft and diffuse light atmosphere. To do this, increase the number of light points and above all avoid direct light. On the ceiling, for example, place a paper suspension that offers a beautiful subdued light and add a bedside lamp on the chest of drawers or even beautiful wooden wall lamps, sober and playful.

and children’s night lights ? Small children are not afraid of the dark, that fear comes later. However, have a night light available, not for the baby but for you when you have to get up in the middle of the night for a bottle, feeding or an overflowing diaper.

Set a pleasant atmosphere with a carpet

For a cocooned atmosphere, what could be better than a soft carpet? Carpet can help structure a space beautifully, but it can also act as a sound insulator for your neighborhood. It is selected in sober colors and is ideally easy to maintain.

Opt for very soft baby bedding

In a child’s bed, pediatricians recommend limiting bedding to a strict minimum: a fitted sheet and a sleeping bag. A limitation that will not prevent you from taking care of the decoration on this side: choose beautiful, elegant and pleasant materials such as cotton gauzebeautiful diaper material.

Don’t overlook the changing table area

If you have the necessary space in the children’s room, why not set up a corner where the baby can comfortably change clothes? To choose a beautiful one changing table (which will become downright convenient when diaper time is over), with changing table or a changing mat in a beautiful wicker changing basket, imagine a space that is functional, warm and aesthetic at the same time.

Place a small shelf on which you will store the few products you will need to change your child, a small basket with a few cotton balls, another, larger one with diapers: make sure that everything you need is at hand.

Finally, place above the changing area a poetic mobile keep the baby busy while you work.

Don’t forget the storage in the children’s room

In the children’s room, limit the number of pieces of furniture, let the light circulate. A clean bedroom is soothing. A small closet is more than enough to store mini clothes and bedding. l’Parisian closet on the coast: indulge in its retro charm, but prefer compactness.

Staging of children’s toys

If the baby is still too young to play with his cute little figurines and other cute stuffed animals, can you imagine a small staging of some of his toys? In order not to get too carried away and to keep a clean spirit, choose only a few toys, your favorites, and place them on a nice a small shelf.

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