How to arrange your room according to your style?

Modern bedroom

You want a modern and contemporary style for yours bedroom? Lighting is the first element to consider. Correctly selected devices visually free up space and improve comfort in the room. In a modern bedroom, one light is not enough. In this living room you read, do your makeup and talk to your friends. So, in addition to the main lighting, set other lighting points according to your habits. For example, place a modern floor lamp near the head of the bed, sconces around the dressing table mirror and a ceiling lamp in the center of the room. The idea is to distribute the points of light, playing with their intensity.

In addition to lighting, wall decorations also bring a touch of modernity to the bedroom. Depending on your preferences, you can bet on photo frames, artistic pictures or abstract pictures. In any case, give preference to objects of contemporary or avant-garde inspiration.

Cozy room, with hygge decoration

Hygge style is ideal in bedroom , because it is synonymous with warmth, relaxation and rest. The term hyggerkrog is a Danish term meaning cozy and comfortable corner. If you want to adopt this style in your bedroom, choose soft and comfortable materials. Multiply the pillows and blankets, placing them on the sofa, for example. Also lay a soft mat at the foot of the bed. As for blankets, the soft ones, made of wool or fleece, are ideal for bringing warmth into the room.

A candle is another essential element of a hygge room. In addition to the warmth it brings, it emits a pleasant scent that promotes relaxation and well-being. In order for your decoration to be successful, you can collect them in a corner or scatter them in the four corners of the room.

Industrial room

AND bedroomThe New York spirit of the 1930s is also on trend. To do this, repurpose vintage items to get original decorative pieces. For example, you can use pallets for your bed or even put a shutter on the wall. Either way, use cleaning sparingly to avoid turning your room into a flea market. To avoid mistakes in taste, throw in a few chic items, like a leather headboard. Bare bulbs carried by a dark wire also find their place in the industrial bedroom.


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