how to decorate for a party?

Country decorations, country chic, bohemian… all these styles are available in the garden for a festive atmosphere this summer. We give you all our decorative tips for magical summer evenings.

How to decorate the garden for a party?

For garden party, we decorate the garden! Depending on the mood you want to give your party, we choose the appropriate style. For a warm and friendly atmosphere, focus on the decoration comfortable and conservation. For an authentic and rustic spirit, adopt the style rural Where country chic in the garden. Finally, to make your guests travel, we love the decoration in the style of a Moroccan riad or an Andalusian terrace!

How to adopt bohemian decoration in the garden?

Lanterns, light garlands, floor cushions… The bohemian ornament is perfect for a garden party outside. Adopting this style is very simple. Opt for furniture made of natural materials, such as wood, rattan or wicker. Decorate your terrace floor with outdoor rugs. Green your space by propagating and changing plants. Finally, in terms of colors, stick to sober tones and Berber-style patterns.

How to adopt a light garland in your decoration?

The light garland is a key and simple decorative element that gives your exterior an extremely pleasant atmosphere. Advantage? We arrange as we wish, according to the atmosphere we want to give to the garden! This decorative item also allows you to play with shapes, bulb sizes, length, colors… Inviting light garland in the gardenyou will create a subdued atmosphere and conservation for your summer evenings.

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