How to filter rainwater to make it naturally drinkable?

Have a large garden to water, a swimming pool to water or a large family to water? What if we told you that you can make very good use of rainwater to meet all these needs? Yes, it is absolutely possible! The only condition is water purification, which is not a difficult task! Read our article if you are interested in how to filter rainwater to make it drinkable! We will also explain why this filtration is so necessary!

Want to enjoy the rain?

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How to filter rainwater to make it drinkable?

how to make drinking water from rainwater

Filtering your rainwater into drinking water has never been easier. There are many systems that do a fantastic job for a very low price. In addition, they do not use chemicals, which makes filtration a natural process. Here are our suggestions:

It is better to purify rainwater naturally!

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UV filtration system

The UV filtration system treats unsanitary water containing pathogens and bacteria with bactericidal ultraviolet light. The UV wavelength disrupts the DNA of living organisms, prevents them from reproducing and makes you sick. A UV filtration system can be used to treat water for the entire home. However, it does not filter out coarse debris. Prefilters are therefore necessary for this. Either way, the system does an excellent job of killing pathogens.

It uses a ballast that acts as a power control center and a specialized UV lamp inside the housing. Pre-filtered water is exposed to light, which eliminates all pathogens, and then piped home.

The disadvantages of this system are that it requires energy to work, which makes it a little difficult for those who use only solar energy. In addition, the expensive light bulb needs to be replaced every year.

UV type filtering system

how to filter rainwater to make it drinkable

Quantum filtration system

This Quantum system uses advanced technology with a positively charged surface that attracts electrons from pathogens, which are destroyed when they come into contact with the dynamically activated silicon ceramic surface. Death on the quantum level.

These filters are very easy to install with basic plumbing knowledge and require no electricity to operate, making them perfect for people living off the grid. It’s worth a look!

Quantum filter for rainwater

device for preparing drinking water for clean rainwater

Passive gravity filters

For those of you looking for a simple, off-the-shelf solution that doesn’t require any skills, there’s still hope. There are several gravity passive filters that work similar to your Brita water system that you may already be familiar with. Just pour water into the top and let it filter. These filters can remove 99.99% of harmful bacteria that can be found in the water, as well as particles. They are easy to install and do not require power to operate.

However, this system has some drawbacks. You must regularly fill them with water that needs to be filtered. This can be difficult because they are designed to stand on a counter, which can make the top of the unit so high that you’ll need a chair to reach it. It’s also hard to know when to fill them because of their height.

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how to filter the water that falls naturally in the rain

Are you wondering if there is a purely natural method of purifying rainwater? No machines, no chemicals? Yes, it’s there! The rainwater filtration method is solar pasteurization. This system is labor intensive unlike all other methods. To do this, fill a Ziplock bag with rainwater and place it on top of two sheets of aluminum foil. The shiny part should be in a sunny spot in your home. It would be best if the bag is heated in the sun for several hours, and let it be around 70°C or more. This eliminates the bacteria present in the water.

Although this method can be time-consuming and laborious, it produces clean drinking water from rainwater in a completely natural way!

How to purify rainwater using the sun?

how to make water drinkable solar pasteurization water filter

Can we drink rainwater without filtration?

We do not recommend drinking unfiltered rainwater. It may contain one or more contaminations, which make it unsuitable for consumption without going through purification methods.

First, raindrops, upon reaching the earth’s surface, collect dirt, harmful chemicals, smoke, etc. present in the atmosphere. When they reach the surface of the earth, they mix with animal feces, algae, sand, twigs, dead insects, etc. Polluted water becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms and other life-threatening bacteria. In some older types of roofs, rainwater may contain dissolved asbestos, a fibrous silicon compound that is hazardous to health.

how to naturally purify water a child who catches water drops

You must purify the rainwater before drinking it!

to purify rainwater, natural rain that falls into the canister


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