How to give your home a holiday atmosphere?

Salomé Ricomard wanted a solar house. For her, colors are important and spice up everyday life. Indeed, it is impossible to be bored in this 1940s house located in the eastern suburbs, whose dark room has awakened. “After the first birth, we wanted to leave Paris to redesign the house, without major works, and the garden to create a festive spirit in the city on sunny days,” recalls the young woman.

Completely transformed house in the suburbs of Paris

Salomé was immediately seduced by the articulation of this house of 155 m² – the ground floor, the first floor, the veranda and the small garden – on the other hand, all the decoration should have been inspected. In this new organization, the master bedroom and bathroom are arranged on the ground floor, while on the first floor there is a large living room, kitchen and bedroom of her son Ors. Little veranda, once used as a pantry, it was turned into a real summer room in the extension of the kitchen.

Give your home a festive atmosphere

Salomé, the creator of the Salomé Rico jewelry collection, was introduced to the richness of pigments by her father, a painter, from childhood. In his house, colors interfere in flat areas, on stair railings, on walls dining room but also on furniture and vintage decorative accessories mostly during his travels. “I appreciate warm and sunny shades, bold patterns and contrasts, I like to play between balance and conflict, create atypical combination and combination, like the colorful and cheerful jewelry I design!”. In short, decor that exudes good humor.



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