how to have a bed worthy of a luxury hotel?

Do you like going to a hotel to recharge your batteries in a beautiful, comfortable room? Borrow from the most beautiful top facilities, their tricks to make you live a waking dream. We send you the reflexes you need to develop luxury bed without a big budget.

Bedroom: how to have a bed worthy of a 5-star hotel without spending too much?

Do you want to relax in your room and make it a warm and luxurious cocoon? No need for a big budget! Here are the criteria to be met in order to give elegant appearance to your bed:

  • Choose bed legs longer than 16 cm.
  • Give preference to quality materials: linen, cotton, silk.
  • Install the headboard.
  • Match different sheets, duvets and pillows.
  • Focus on flat calves.
  • Set the bed squarely.
  • Multiply the layers.
  • Focus on dim lighting.
  • Add pillows.

Bedroom: What are the hotel decoration trends in 2022?

Hotel industry French always emphasizes style and elegance made in France thanks to the work of eminent architects and decorators. This year, designers they started decorating exceptional hotels according to the latest trends. We love, for example, the neon lights in the rooms of Hotel Remix in La Villette in Paris. The Eisenhower residence in Reims, for its part, inspires us with its stylish furniture and its own floral wallpaper.

Bedroom: how to adopt luxurious decor like in hotels?

Do you want to copy the decor of the most beautiful luxury hotels, but don’t know where to start? It is important to act with touch in a smart way. l’elegance it plays with a few details, here they are:

  • Always use raw wood furniture.
  • Choose a classic and elegant style or an ultra-modern design for your room.
  • Avoid plastic accessories.
  • Go to the flea market and look vintage decorations.
  • Give preference to warm colors and a calm atmosphere.
  • Choose lamps and sconces in gold, metal or brass for an elegant effect.
  • Avoid flashy shades.
  • Choose noble fabrics such as cotton, velvet and high-quality imitation leather.

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