how to improve and especially enlarge your house

A guide on how players can upgrade their home and have more decorating space in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Like many simulation games, Disney Dreamlight Valley gives players their own home that they can customize to their liking. Players get their house almost from the start, although it starts to look like a construction site at best at the beginning of the game, admittedly. But as Disney Dreamlight Valley players progress through the game, they’ll get all the furniture and decorations they could possibly need to make their in-game home look better than it did at the beginning.

But players familiar with games like Animal Crossing may be wondering how they can increase the size of their home in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide will show players how they can improve their house and get more space.

How to unlock house upgrades

Disney Dreamlight Valley

While upgrading the player’s house is something that is unlocked fairly early on in many life simulation games, this is not the case for Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. Players will first have to complete several missions. After helping Scrooge Scrooge bring more customers to his business, players will receive a new mission from Scrooge Scrooge called Dreamlight Valley Economy 101. The first step of the mission is to simply sell Dingo 7 gems of all kinds. Gems can be found by mining the large black rocks found along the rock walls of each biome in Dreamlight Valley.

After this step is completed, players in Disney Dreamlight Valley will have to talk to Scrooge McDuck, and he will tell them to invest the money they earned from upgrading their house. Players must look inside their house and they will come across a blue elevator (with an Aladdin-looking design) right next to the exit. From there, players will see a menu to expand their house. The first upgrade will cost 1000 Star Coins. Other upgrades will allow players to slightly expand the first room of their house while adding more rooms to the first floor of their house.

How to improve external appearance

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although the elevator inside the house will allow players to expand and add more rooms and have space to use all the things from the Founder’s pack, it will not change the appearance, the exterior of the house. This is where Uncle Scrooge comes into play. When purchasing the first house expansion upgrade, players in Disney Dreamlight Valley will notice a sign in front of their house with Scrooge McDuck wearing a helmet. Checking the sign will summon Scrooge’s uncle, who will offer the player a chance to upgrade their house for a whopping 2000 Star Coins.

While it may seem like a simple cosmetic upgrade to the house at first, it adds more storage space to the player’s house. From there, Scrooge McDuck offers two more house upgrades that will not only change the look of the house, but also add extra floors and storage. Players should be prepared for a shock, as the second upgrade costs 20,000 Star Coins and the third will cost 75,000 Star Coins.

After players purchase additional floors, they can use their home elevator to expand and add more rooms. Having more space means players will have more space to work with when designing their dream home in Dreamlight Valley.

Source – Translation: Gamerant

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