How to make this year’s interior decoration work?

Decoration is a small detail that makes your home a pleasant place to live. It implies the harmony of decorative elements as well as a good arrangement of furniture.

Although it seems easy, decorating a home can be a real headache. Despite our efforts, the result can sometimes be different from our expectations. In order to have a harmonious interior, you must follow several basic rules.

Use a professional

Out of ideas? Have you tried everything, but the result did not meet your expectations? It may be time to consider professional help. Rhino’s is a veritable goldmine of inspiration if you want to renovate or rethink your interior design.

For just €99 per room, you can project yourself into an interior that looks 100% like you by imagining a 3D look online. Use interior design simulations from the photo or plan you sent them.

In order to create a revolution in design, each project is personalized according to the client’s taste and needs. In a few days, the complete decoration book gives you a 3D image of your new decoration, a 360° panorama, a trend board to guide you, a layout plan and a shopping list of all the furniture and decorative items discovered by the decorator. Everything tailored to your budget.

Add your personal touch to the decoration

There is no greater satisfaction than creating an interior according to your image. With a little patience and dedication, you can remodel your home from scratch.

The right lighting for a touch of modernity

Light brings a special atmosphere to the house. It is important to find the right place for the lights so that you can benefit from fairly soft lighting that is not too aggressive. For this, you can bet on adjustable spotlights, ceiling light, chandelier and pendant.

To enhance the room, you can add floor lamps as decoration. Opt for yellow and red lights to bring a warm feeling or white and blue bulbs for a cool and bright effect.

Sober and neutral tone for the room

The choice of color is an important point in terms of decoration. It should not be taken lightly, because the size of the room depends on the color. To bring height to your interior, prefer white color on the ceiling. On the other hand, it should not be abused in order not to have a cold space. In addition, always choose a color that invites rest. Gray and nude remain on trend for this.

Minimalist decorative elements

Before choosing decorative elements, do not forget to measure the size of the space. Then add furniture and decorative accessories based on this detail. Minimalism is the smartest choice for decluttering the living room or bedroom.

Play around with vases and candlesticks to give your interior character. You can also decorate the walls with wooden frames, clocks or unique objects. In addition, do not hesitate to put indoor plants to give a friendly and warm touch.

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