Ideas for arranging and optimizing storage in your home and outdoors

While the trend on the inside is towards chic minimalism, organic design and authentic materials – especially travertine, a natural stone with very delicate tones – the exterior remains cluttered, as tools are often stored there in an anarchic manner. Obviously, balconies and terraces require minimum order to accommodate family or friends.

There is no shortage of storage solutions to make the most of these outdoor spaces. Wooden boxes or cabinets fit into the decor, custom furniture or cabins are all the rage in urban areas, especially as they are highly functional. Wooden balcony seats can hide storage boxes!

In the garden, which is often larger, in addition to the choice of garden furniture, the problem of storing tools may arise, which is necessarily more cumbersome… especially if you like to craft! We must not forget the bicycles, the barbecue and its equipment, any umbrellas. It is best to invest in a garden house that blends in with the decor, for example in wood.

And for the car, know that you can still decide on it today independent wooden garages ! In any case, this is what Trigano wooden garages offer. These are prefabricated structures, available in several sizes at different prices. However, be careful, in some cases planning permission may be required.

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