In Gâvres, the market of designers has found its audience – Gâvres

Organized by the artisans of Petite cliff, the Gâvres creators’ market found its audience this weekend on July 16 and 17.

Several were present, including “Vannerie sauvage” Florence Rohou, with her creations based on Kersahu plants (baskets, lamps and herbal teas). “I have been in Gâvres for eight years, the attendance this weekend is very good, despite the heat”.

But also “Lamuchette” by Claire Boudeau (making photographic jewelry), “D’émaux d’étoiles” by Isabelle Michel (making jewelry in enamel on copper), Pétra Platzer (painting and hybrid weaving), “Textile Intuition” by Virginie Balidas (creation , restoration of textile furniture and vegetable dyeing), Joanna Quélen (painter, production of original fabrics)… “Coeur de menhir” presents a fantastic medieval series in four volumes, written by Adrien Hortemel and edited by Benoit The Gall. We also found Christophe Le Galliot, cartoonist and designer of the game “Chronoludik” and Gweltaz Noirel, painter and engraver, who offers unique canvases and drawings, on wood and stone, drawn from the maritime world. “This first weekend was a success,” says Arnaud de Buyzer, one of the organizers.

The next dates for the Creators’ Market in Petitecliff, August 6 and 7.

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