In Jugon-les-Lacs, Christmas lights will light up cheaper this winter – Jugon-les-Lacs

Pursuant to the General Tax Law, the municipality may subject vacant housing to housing tax for cottages and other furnished premises that are not attached to the main residence. Despite the number of empty apartments in the municipality, few will be affected by this decision. On Monday, in the municipal council, Éric Moisan clarified: “It is a political signal. This is the first step and I think there will be other provisions to encourage sales or rentals. »

Public lighting

The global rethinking of public lighting has sparked discussions among elected officials. Four options appear: leave it the same, turn everything off, reduce the illuminated areas or reduce the time slices. Éric Moisan offers a case-by-case study, emphasizing that the priority is the safety of schoolchildren and cities with commercial activities. There is also talk of Christmas lighting, for which “we gave everything from installations with LED diodes”. As this equipment works with public lighting, reducing the lighting duration will result in a reduction in illumination. The duration of the operation will be limited to three weeks.

residential areas

Before considering road repairs in the subdivision, it is advisable to study the cost and feasibility of removing the nets. A study conducted by SDE estimates the cost of removing the low-voltage network at 264,433 euros including tax. The communal contribution would amount to 186,000 euros. For the works on cleaning the public lighting network, the remainder paid by the municipality is estimated at €130,896 including tax. The procurement and installation of the electronic communication network was estimated at 83,000 euros at the expense of the municipality.

There are still three places available in the Les Courtils subdivision. The construction project of nine social apartments was undertaken by SARL IPCS Invest. The association “Mam Ô ptites f’Lacs Dô” wants to set up a house for nannies on plot 26. Financial support of €12,585 will be granted by the municipality depending on the positive opinion of LTM on this project and the financial support of CAF. It will be necessary to amend the regulations.


After the dissolution of the association, the council accepted the payment of the balance of the association’s account, namely €4,113.63.

The room next to the town hall, at 25 rue de Penthièvre, will be set up for town hall meetings or offices. The painting works were entrusted to SARL Mickaël Edmond de Dinan, for the amount of €4,628.50 without tax; electricity, water supply, heating for SARL Lehérissé, for €2,630.90 without tax; insulation and dry risers for Frostin for €3,851.63 without VAT.

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